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Distance, Area and Perimeter using PDF XChange

ID: FQ-0000218

Applies to:

  • PDF-XChange Pro


Is it possible to calculate dimensions, area and perimeter using PDF XChange?


First, under Edit > Preferences > Measurements make sure you are using the right units for your drawings. In our example, milimeters.

PDF XChange Preferences Measurements

Additionally, you can Customize the Snapping Settings to snap to grid, guides and objects.

PDF XChange Customize Snapping

The next step is to show the Properties toolbar. Right click on an empty area where other toolbars are shown, select Properties toolbar.

PDF XChange Properties Toolbar

By selecting any of the tools, Distance Tool, Perimeter Tool or Area Tool, additional properties will display.

PDF XChange Properties Toolbar selecting Distance

Before using any of the distance, perimeter or area tools, make sure you customize your color, line thickness, opacity, ratio unit...

Some examples:

Change Color

PDF XChange Change Distance Color

Change Line Style

PDF XChange Change Properties Line Style Distance

Start Arrow

PDF XChange Distance Properties change Start Arrow

Change Opacity

PDF XChange Distance Properties Change Opacity

Change Ratio Unit. This is the most important property to set correctly.

PDF XChange Distance Properties Change Ratio Unit

One example on how the distance and area measurements:

PDF XChange Measurements Example



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