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How to Install IronCAD 2012?

ID: FQ-0000200

Applies to:

  • IronCAD Draft
  • IronCAD
  • Inovate


How do I install IronCAD 2012 / Inovate 2012 / IronCAD Draft 2012 in my computer?


Important: Make sure you have administrator rights on your computer and the User Account Control (UAC) is disabled.

First, you will have to download the Trial Version of IronCAD, Inovate or IronCAD Draft.

Once the download is completed, running the file will self-extract the IronCAD installation files. Click Yes

IronCAD 2012 Self Extract Dialog Box

After accepting the End User License Agreement, IronCAD will commence the self-extraction of the installation files.

IronCAD 2012 Self-Extracting Files

IronCAD 2012 Examining system specifications for installation setup

Once the installation routine starts, click on Next, and the InstallShield Wizard will start.

IronCAD 2012 Welcome Installation Wizard

Select the Installation components, click on Next.

IronCAD 2012 Select Installation Components

On the Product Options dialog box, select:

  • Kernel Type: Parasolid (preferred) or ACIS
    IronCAD 2012 Select Kernel Type
  • Scene Template: Metric or English
    IronCAD 2012 Select Scene Template
  • Drawing Template: ISO (preferred), ANSI (English) or ANSI (Metric)
    IronCAD 2012 Select Drawing Template
Once you have selected your preferred product options, click on OK

The installation of IronCAD 2012 will begin.

IronCAD 2012 Installing

Once the installation is completed, click Next.

IronCAD 2012 Installation Complete

Click Finish.

IronCAD 2012 Install Success





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