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BricsCAD Supported File Formats

ID: FQ-0000166

Applies to:

  • BricsCAD Lite v21 (Enhanced) edition
  • BricsCAD Pro Enhanced Edition


What are the import and export formats? What formats are supported by BricsCAD?


Vector Files

  1. DWG format import/export
    • open DWG/DXF/DWT
    • save as DWG/DXF/DWF/DWT
  2. Non-DWG formats
    • DGN: there is no import/export to or from DGN
    • SAT: ACIS sat files can be imported/exported via acis-in acis-out
    • IGS, STP, SLDPRT are not supported

RASTER files (also known as BITMAP or IMAGE files)

Import/Attach: Strictly speaking you cannot import a RASTER image into a DWG. The DWG format is in essence a Vector and not a Raster format . BricsCAD does however enable you to attach a raster file as a background image. This is achieved via the Image Enabler.

Supported formats include:

  • .BMP, .TIFF, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .WMF, .EMF , .PCX, .RAS, .TGA
  • V9.1.1 and higher: Support for ECW images.
  • V10.1.4 and higher: support of MrSID images. LizardTech's MrSID is one of the leading geospatial imagery formats.

Raster image files can have 'world files' or 'position files' associated to them. A world file is a text file which describes the size (scale), the orientation and the coordinates of the raster map images. Position file are typically used in GIS. Supported position file formats are:

  • .TFW , .RAT, .JPW

Export: You can save screen view to raster format via file>export. The SLIDE command also produces raster files (.SLD) If you use a virtual printer like PDFCreator or PDF995, CutePDF, you can produce (large scale) PDF output. Finally many 'external' programs allow you to save a screen copy.



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