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RealCAD Comparison Chart

ID: FQ-0000148

Applies to:

  • RealCAD Complete
  • RealCAD Draft
  • RealCAD LT
  • RealCAD PRO


What are the differences / main features of RealCAD Draft, RealCAD LT, RealCAD Pro and RealCAD Complete?


RealCAD Comparison Chart

  Draft LT Pro Complete
Advanced 2D Drafting Tools
Support for .CAD files
Support for .DWG®, .DXF, .IGES, .HPGL (.PLT) File Formats
Support for SKU (SketchUp) Import
Support for Image Files .BMP and .JPG File Format in the Drawing
WorkPlane Manipulation
Grid Origin Relocation
Enhanced Productivity Tools for Faster Drawing
Support for 2D Add-in Applications
Support for 2D and 3D Add-in Applications
3D Modelling
Quick-Shade Rendering and Hidden Line Removal of 3D Models
Near photo-realism Raytrace Rendering of 3D Models
Movie Animation of 3D Scene, Model, Camera and Lighting, etc.
Sun Shadow Calculation Based on Time of Day and Global Location
Network Licensing Available for Multiple Users Over a LAN
Educational Licensing for Students, Teachers, Schools, etc.

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