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How to Export from SketchUp to Piranesi

ID: FQ-0000146

Applies to:

  • Piranesi Pro
  • SketchUp Pro 2018


I would like to export my SketchUp model / drawing to Piranesi (EPix format). How to export from SketchUp to Piranesi file format?


This walkthrough is for Google SketchUp Pro. If you have Google SketchUp, please download the Piranesi plugin for SketchUp instead.

1) Start SketchUp, open your model and select the view you wish to use.

2) Click File > Export > 2D Graphic

SketchUp File Export 2D Graphic

3) Now, from the 'Export Type' list at the bottom, select Piranesi Epix (*.epx)

4) Click the Options button on the dialog box

SketchUp Export 2D Graphic Select Piranesi Epix format

5) On the pop-up window, uncheck Use view size

SketchUp Export Piranesi Epix Epx Options

Now specify your required resolution in the Width and Height boxes. Note that SketchUp will maintain the aspect ratio of the viewport on screen, so you may have to resize the Sketchup window on screen to get the correct aspect ratio.

  • For an 8.5"x 11" print, try a width of around 3300 pixels
  • For a 17"x 11" print, try a width of about 5000 pixels

If you find these files are too large for your machine, try half the size.

The lower part of the dialog box contains the following options:

  • Export edges - you should probably switch off this option as it may lead to some issues when painting in Piranesi.
  • Export textures - this is personal taste.
  • Export ground plane - typically you would turn this on so that there is some geometry on which to place your cutouts.

Click OK and then browse to the location in which to save the EPix file. The EPix files generated by SketchUp are uncompressed, so we recommend that you open the files in Piranesi and save them which will also compress them.

Now you can start painting in Piranesi.



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