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IronCAD 2011 Product Update #1 New Features

ID: FQ-0000120

Applies to:

  • IronCAD Draft
  • IronCAD
  • Inovate


What are the new features included in IronCAD Collaboration Suite 2011 Product Update #1?


New Features Included in 2011 Product Update #1

Usability Enhancements:

  • Quick Search  - A new addition to the Search Browser has been added to quickly find shapes in the Scene Browser structure. As users type, the search will automatically filter and display the results. Users can filter to search for Parts, Assemblies, and Features. Once a result is found, users can locate the result in the scene browser or directly use the results.
  • Quick Search Catalog - More and more users are creating custom catalogs of shapes commonly used. In order to improve the usability of the catalogs, a quick search has been added to filter the catalog for the relevant item. As the filter occurs, other items will be removed to increase the visibility of the relevant results. Once finished, users can clear the search to return to the previous display of the catalog.
  • Rotate About Cursor Location - It is common to zoom in on larger models and want to rotate about an object in view. In the past, users would target the rotation point so that the rotation would be about the correct object. In Product Update 1, the middle-mouse rotation has be improved to rotate about the location of the cursor. Simply put the cursor over the object and middle-mouse rotate to achieve the correct result. Move the cursor into the empty space of the scene to rotate about the current set target point as it did in previous versions. This new capability can be disabled in the Tools/Options/Interactions if necessary.
  • Export Current Display to Image/Animation - In 2011, many new user interface option were added to add realism to the scene models. Product Update 1 now allows the ability to export the current display settings to images and animations. This reduces time spent setting up realistic renderings to achieve realism quickly.

Modeling Enhancements:

  • Sketch - Rectangle by Center - A new sketch type has been added to support the creation of a rectangle by starting from the center point location. Users can simply click at the center and drag to the desired size while the rectangle will size symmetrically about the center point.
  • Sketch - Offset Command Browser - The offset command has been enhanced in the UI from a dialog to command browser input. This new input method allows users to add/remove curves from the offset dynamically while a preview is displayed and the ability to start the command at any time (even if nothing is selected).
  • Sketch - Fillet Lock For Pick Point Placement - A new option for the sketch fillet has been added to allow direct fillet value placement on points. Simply type in a value and hit Lock and then select on points to apply the fillet at the specified value. Uncheck the lock option to revert back to the click and drag behavior for more of a preview and input value placement.
  • Sketch - Innovative Part Reference Snap Support in Sketch - Innovative part sketches now support direct access to snap to reference part points in the scene. While in a sketch, curves will automatically snap to points of other part points to allow for precise placement without the need to project curves to the sketch.
  • Wrap Curve Placement - A new placement option for Projection when the curve is a planar curve has been added to improve speed and predictability.

General Enhancements:

  • Application Loading Time Improvement - Performance improvements have been made to reduce the application start-up time by 30-50%. This improvement reduces time waiting on the application to begin critical design tasks.
  • Graphical Memory improvements - Improvements have been made to reduce memory leaks and memory consumption due to the graphical interface. This improvement helps overall performance and stability of the application when working with many files or larger assemblies.
  • Pattern and Blend Performance Improvements - Complex operations such as patterns and blends have been improved in performance for creation and regeneration.
  • File Load and Save Performance Improvements - Extensive investigations and improvements have been made in the file loading and saving times to improve the overall speed and efficiency.
  • Stability Improvements - R&D has improved the general stability of the application specifically on 64-bit operating systems to increase the quality of the products.
  • Command Browser Space Improvements - In order to save space in the UI on the vertical command browser, new options have been implemented to allow the automatic hiding of groups. For example: Users can disable the command browser message text so that it is automatically collapsed by default to bring the more relevant command actions to the top of the browser.
  • Split Face Support for Multiple Segment Features - The split face command has been improved to support multiple segmented curves when using the "Feature" Type split. This enables more complex split operations to be available over previous single curve segments.
  • Body Display UI Enhancement - The structured part body support has been improved to distinguish between solid and surface bodies in the scene browser tree. 
  • Patch Surface Surface Option - A new option for the patch surface has been added to enable the surface to maintain as a surface or result in a solid body. In some cases, users may want a closed volume surface to maintain as a surface for other operations and this option can now allow this instead of always merging into a solid body.

CAXA Draft Improvements:

  • Progress Bar For View Creation - A progress bar has been added during the view creation to denote the generation time of the data. This helps users to understand the progress of the view creation.
  • Option to Ignore Fasteners In Section Views - A new option has been added to the Options and Standard Views to set the sectioning behavior for Fastener parts. Normally the fasteners do not get sectioned when creating a section view. This new option can set this behavior to automatically not cut the fasteners when the view is generated saving users time from editing views individually.
  • Hole Table Box Selection - When creation a hole table (Auto Hole List), it has been enhanced to support box selection of the holes instead of individual pick points.
  • View Creation Performance Improvements - Redundancy issues in the view creation have been removed to improve overall view creation performance.
  • Improvements with Chamfer Dimension Associations - Improvements with the association of Chamfer dimensions and projected geometry have been implemented.
  • External Reference File Location - Users can now input file paths for External References so that when opening CAXA DRAFT or DWG/DXF files, the path of the references can automatically be located and used.

Quality Issues Addressed in 2011 Product Update #1


  • QA 33623 - IAE when clicking DRAFT icon on large file 64-bit
  • QA 33672 - Select multiple text with leaders boxes on the ICD and change font and text is deleted
  • QA 33747 - Undo/Redo will change feature transformation
  • QA 33802 - Kernel changes aren't saved in externally linked parts for this assembly
  • QA 33804 - Minor issue - UI on Handle Cursor not showing H
  • QA 33807 - Hidden Edges on Parts Causes Graphics Issues
  • QA 33808 - Localization issue of Print Dialog
  • QA 33809 - Draft Icons in commands lost after Style Changed
  • QA 33812 - Rotate Command Bar In Draft has a incorrect spelling
  • QA 33822 - Clicking F9 on keyboard will not change the Draft UI style.
  • QA 33846 - Edit Boxes in Modeless dialogs do not receive Delete key message
  • QA 33849 - Draft font issue
  • QA 33850 - Draft PDF Text Issues
  • QA 33867 - Dimension drive command in Draft is not working and causing app to close
  • QA 33868 - Part Properties dialog too small, missing Custom button
  • QA 33879 - Can't dimension due to the bounding box of the view using Base Dimension in Draft
  • QA 33881 - Import of DWG has Font Issues in Draft
  • QA 33888 - Projection curve failed in ACIS when curve is closed
  • QA 33889 - Smart Assembly does not work with point in parameter
  • QA 33890 - 2D SmartDimensions disabled on the Drawing
  • QA 33895 - Stretch sheet metal form is not affected by stretch
  • QA 33899 - Drawing view edge jagged
  • QA 33906 - Drawing locks or closes IC when updating
  • QA 33907 - Drawing stuck in an Update loop while parts have different kernel setting
  • QA 33908 - Constraints not consistent in Smart Assembly
  • QA 33945 - System locks up after load, regenerate, and open smart paint dialog on part
  • QA 34011 - ICAPI: Interactor OnSelected / OnDeSelected parameter not implemented
  • QA 34012 - ICAPI: RemoveTopologyFromSelection and RemoveElementFromSelection not working
  • QA 34014 - Ruled Surface over an existing surface switches match points on complete
  • QA 34015 - Interpolate Curve fails on imported surface
  • QA 34016 - ICAPI: Box selection stops working if Interactor is on. No rubber banding
  • QA 34021 - Draft missing from IronCAD UI
  • QA 34022 - 3D Curve shape's vertex is hard to pick
  • QA 34046 - Draft: Command "sizelabel:dimptandcir" in command line, then IronCAD crashes
  • QA 34168 - Trim Surface keeps the wrong side
  • QA 34186 - Selection toggle buttons unclear on what is selected in Style Manager
  • QA 34187 - Isometric View on Third Angle in Draft is incorrect and is projection as First Angle
  • QA 34204 - View Scale changes on Update of Views on a DWG file in Draft
  • QA 34205 - Swedish Characters are not correctly displayed in DRAFT
  • QA 34219 - ICAPI: No way to distinguish if DocumentOpened event is real open or open for insert link/update view




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