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IronCAD Comparison Chart

ID: FQ-0000059

Applies to:

  • IronCAD Draft
  • IronCAD
  • Inovate


What are the main differences between IronCAD, Inovate and IronCAD Draft?


IronCAD Comparison Chart

IronCAD offers 3D design solutions with functionality tailored to fit your specific needs. 3D design data is seamlessly shared between product offerings allowing users to work effortlessly in a mixed design environment.

3D Modeling Methods
Innovative Part Design Support  
Structured Part Design Support (1)  
3D Dynamic Modeling  
History Constraint Toggle Technology  
3D Surfacing Modeling - Basic  
3D Surfacing Modeling - Advanced (1)  
3D Direct Face Modeling (DF)  
3D Direct Face History Modeling (1)  
Support for 3D Multiple Body Capabilities  
Top-Down Assembly Design  
Bottom-Up Assembly Design  
3D Boolean Modeling  
Assembly Modeling within a Single Scene
Assembly Modeling with External Link Capabilities (2)  
Parametric Modeling  
Sheet Metal Modeling (3)  
Photo-Realistic Rendering
2D DWG/DXG Support (4)
Support for SAT, X_T, IGES, STEP, CATIA V4 and Pro/E (6)
Advance Support for CATIA V5, Pro/E and UG (5) (5) (6)
Communication Tools
3D E-mail Package Builder
Web Publishing
3D PDF Export
2D PDF Viever Support  
3D Scene Viewer
3D Environment
Library of Catalogs
IntelliShape Modeling Intelligence - Basic  
IntelliShape Modeling Intelligence - Advanced    
Dynamic View Sensitivity Modeling  
SmartSnap® Technology
Behavioral Modeling  
Variant Modeling (Design Variations)
SmartAssembly® Technology
IntelliStretch® Technology  
Auto-Feature® (On-demand feature recognition)  
Dual Kernel Support (ACIS and PARASOLID)
Cruising Technology
Multiple Coordinate Systems Creation  
Mechanism Kinematics
Dynamic Collision Detection
Handle Technology  
Auto-Project Sketching  
Reference Object Support (Datum Planes) (1)  
Spreadsheet-Driven Parametric Design  
2D Sketching SmartSnap Feedback and Indicators  
Real-time Rendering Display Options Support
Animation - Drag and Drop
Animation - Key-Frame
Animation Export to Video
2D Drawing Environment
2D Bidirectional Drafting/Detailing    
Intragrated CAXA Draft 2D Drafting/Detailing  
Library of Catalogs  
Parametric 2D Parts Library  

(1)INOVATE can open and edit structured parts, but it cannot create structured parts. Structured parts support multiple body capabilities.

(2)INOVATE cannot create external-linked file associations, however INOVATE is able to open files that have externally linked files associated with them that were created in IRONCAD.

(3)INOVATE is able to read sheet metal parts created in IRONCAD, however cannot edit them with standard sheet metal design tools and must resort to DFM tools to edit.

(4)INOVATE can import 2D into sketch environments but cannot export 2D data.

(5)Optional translators are available at additional costs.

(6)Support for Import only for all solid format translators. Optional import translators are available at additional costs.



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