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  • "Your service is the best of any software we have. I wish all others were that good. Thanks again"
    Kris Hely, Coffs Harbour Bushland
  • Basic Support Subscription

    The most comprehensive Support service for your CAD program at the most reasonable price possible.

    Get fast and professional response from CAD International expert support team via Phone, Live Web, Email, Video, Remote Access and Database. More...

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    Dear Support Team,
    I am just writing to thank you for the absolutely amazing professional support service that your company provides! 
    No problem is too big or small! It has made learning this new program easy and an absolute pleasure!
    Nadia Cole, Indigenous Design Land Management

    Thanks so much for that, you are most helpful! Good to know there is great support there.
    Sue Beveridge, Echuca Moama Garden and Landscape Design


    The assistance I have received for LANDWorksCAD is far and away the best programme support I have ever experienced, in no small part due to Bill's knowledge and attitude.
    I also know that this quality and quantity of support on the front line doesn't come without the support behind him from the managers/owners of the business, so thank you sincerely as well.
    Steve Hailstone, Hailstone Landscaping


    Subscribe and receive the following benefits:

    Live Response

    Call the experts. We'll resolve your issue as soon as possible and if required we'll research the answer and get back to you as fast as we can. We may request more information or ask you to email your question for clarity.


    Available at any time, 24/7. Send your question by email and we will respond immediately if possible and definitely within hours of the next business day.

    Video Support

    Let us show you just what to do with a pre-recorded solution to your problem or live via your broadband internet connection. Pictures tell the story of a thousand words and can get you understanding how to get on with your work clearly and quickly.

    Remote Control

    With your permission, we can remotely view your screen and can request control of your cursor and keyboard to resolve issues right before your eyes!

    We've teamed up with TeamViewer to give you even more comprehensive support. By simply downloading our 'client' software onto your desktop and providing us with a fresh passwod each time we can access and remotely manage your issue directly on your machine.

    Join that elite group of designers who value their time as much as you do. Subscribe today!

    Support Database

    If we've logged your query before, search your answer straight away. No waiting.

    Cover Period

    Subscription covers you from January 1st to December 31st each year regardless of when you purchase it and so the price for subscription may vary depending on the time of year. You will be offered the option to renew for a complete year (January 1st to December 31st) each December.

    Covered Products

    Support Subscription covers all software products in the CAD International public stable. Proprietry software (created for a particular clients specialised needs) is covered by a separate support agreement for that product.

    Most products from third party developers such as IronCAD, AutoDesk, Bricsys etc have alternative support packages that can be purchased in addition to or instead of CAD International Support Subscription. 


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    Questions & Answers

    [Q] What is the difference between Basic Support Subscription and Premium Subscription?

    [A] Premium Subscription includes all the support benefits of Basic Subscription PLUS the latest version upgrades released during the year free. Premium Subscription also provides up to 25% off the price of older version upgrades to the current version.

    [Q] When is the tech support team available to answer my queries?

    [A] You can contact us at any time of day, any day of the year and we will respond as soon as we view your request. The office is officially open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm AEST but we also check the emails at random times after hours. If we can answer your question easily you will get a response straight away. The only time you will have difficulty getting hold of support will be several days during the Christmas and Easter breaks.

    [Q] Do I have to purchase Software Subscription at the time I purchase my CAD software license?

    [A] No. You can purchase at any time. The price covers the period up to 31st December so you get better value if you purchase early and it is typically 25% cheaper to buy support at the time you purchase the software.


    Support and Training

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    System Requirements

    You must have a CAD software that you have purchased from us or one of our resellers or you are using a CAD product that we have technical expertise in and can therefore offer you support with.

    There are no products related for this particular product.


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