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Rhino Complete
Educational Lab License

A lab kit:

  • is for schools only
  • is a license to use Rhino on all the computers in a single classroom or lab (one room) and the instructor's computer. A network is not required.
  • or, a floating license to use Rhino on 30 computers in a department. A network and license monitoring software are required.


  • a user's guide on the CD in PDF format
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Training Guides, also on CD in PDF format
  • a curriculum guide with Word documents on CD
  • an advanced training tutorial on CD
  • a CD with the Rhino software

Note: Your student / teacher status must be verified prior to delivery of the software


iPhone 3G - Jose Juan Gonzalez Suarez


    Rhino3D uses NURBS. Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) are mathematical representations that can accurately define any shape from a simple 2-D line, circle, arc, or box to the most complex 3-D free-form organic surface or solid. Because of their flexibility and accuracy, NURBS models can be used in any process from illustration and animation to manufacturing.

  • Reknown

    Rhino3D is reknown for its intuitive method of operation, feature rich tool set and exceptional file translation ability..

    File formats supported: DWG/DXF(AutoCAD 200x, 14, 13, and 12 ), SAT (ACIS), X_T (Parasolid), 3DS, LWO, STL, OBJ, AI, RIB, POV, UDO, VRML, BMP, TGA, JPG, CSV (export properties and hydrostatics), uncompressed TIFF, STEP, VDA, GHS, SLC, Deep Paint 3D.

    IGES (Alias, Ashlar Vellum, AutoFORM, AutoShip, Breault, CADCEUS, CAMSoft, CATIA, Cosmos, Delcam, EdgeCAM, FastSurf, FastSHIP, Integrity Ware, IronCAD, LUSAS, Maya, MAX 3.0, MasterCAM, ME30, Mechanical Desktop, Microstation, NuGraf, OptiCAD, Pro/E, SDRC I-DEAS, Softimage, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, SUM3D, SURFCAM, TeKSoft, Unigraphics), NASA GridTool, Yamaha ESPRi, Tebis.

    Ballpoint - Budy Rachman
  • Rhino3D has hundreds of third party applications available for manufacturing, jewelry design, boat design, product design etc.
  • Rhino3D is the base modeller on which you can plug in "Flamingo" photo realistic renderer, "Penguin" non-photoreal renderer and "Bongo" animation creation and dozens of 3RD party applications and visualisation tools.
  • Whilst Rhino3D is not designed to be a 2D drafting tool to produce drawings, it is a powerful 3D modeller that will export models and views to your favourite CAD software such as RealCAD or AutoCAD for production drafting.
  • Uninhibited free-form 3-D modeling tools like those found only in products costing 20 to 50 times more. Model any shape you can imagine.
  • Accuracy needed to design, prototype, engineer, analyze, and manufacture anything from an airplane to jewelry.
  • Pen - Rene de Brujn
  • Compatibility with all your other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software.
  • Read and repair extremely challenging IGES files.
  • Accessible. So easy to learn and use that you can focus on design and visualization without being distracted by the software.
  • Fast, even on an ordinary laptop computer. No special hardware is needed.
  • Affordable. Ordinary hardware. Short learning. Priced like other Windows software. No maintenance fees.
  • Create curves: point, line, polyline, polyline on mesh, free-form curve, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, helix, spiral, conic, TrueType text, point interpolation, control points (vertices), sketch.
  • mp4 - Luis Augusto Rojas Valderrama
  • Create curves from other objects: through points, through polyline, extend, fillet, chamfer, offset, blend, from 2 views, cross section profiles, intersection, contour on NURBS surface or mesh, section on NURBS surface or mesh, border, silhouette, extract isoparm, projection, pullback, sketch, wireframe, detach trim, 2-D drawings with dimensions and text, flatten developable surfaces, extract points.
  • Edit curves: control points, edit points, handlebars, smooth, fair, change degree, add/remove knots, add kinks, rebuild, refit, match, simplify, change weight, make periodic, adjust end bulge, adjust seam, orient to edge, convert to arcs, a ployline, or line segments.
  • Create surfaces: from 3 or 4 points, from 3 or 4 curves, from planar curves, from network of curves, rectangle, deformable plane, extrude, ribbon, rule, loft with tangency matching, developable, sweep along a path with edge matching, sweep along two rail curves with edge continuity, revolve, rail revolve, blend, patch, drape, point grid, heightfield, fillet, chamfer, offset, plane through points, TrueType and Unicode (double-byte) text.
  • Edit surfaces: control points, handlebars, change degree, add/remove knots, match, extend, merge, join, untrim, split surface by isoparms, rebuild, shrink, make periodic, Boolean (union, difference, intersection), unroll developable surfaces, array along curve on surface.
  • Create solids: box, sphere, cylinder, tube, pipe, cone, truncated cone, ellipsoid, torus, extrude planar curve, extrude surface, cap planar holes, join surfaces, TrueType text.
  • Edit solids: fillet edges, extract surface, Booleans (union, difference, intersection).
  • Create meshes: from NURBS surfaces, from closed polyline, mesh face, plane, box, cylinder, cone, and sphere.
  • Edit meshes: explode, join, weld, unify normals, apply to surface, reduce polygons.
  • Edit tools: cut, copy, paste, delete, delete duplicates, move, rotate, mirror, scale, stretch, align, array, join, trim, split, explode, extend, fillet, chamfer, offset, twist, bend, taper, shear, orient, orient planar object on curve, flow along curve, smooth, project, object properties.
  • Annotation: arrows, dots, dimensions (horizontal, vertical, aligned, rotated, radial, diameter, angle), text blocks, leaders, hidden line removal, Unicode (double-byte) support for text, dimensions, and notes. Dimensions in perspective views are supported. This is NOT a drafting tool for production drawings however.
  • Analysis: point, length, distance, angle, radius, bounding box, normal direction, area, area centroid, area moments, volume, volume centroid, volume moments, , hydrostatics, surface curvature, geometric continuity, deviation, nearest point, curvature graph on curves and surfaces, naked edges, working surface analysis viewport modes (draft angle, zebra stripe, environment map with surface color blend, show edges, show naked edges, Gaussian curvature, mean curvature, and minimum or maximum radius of curvature).
  • Rendering: shade, shade (OpenGL), shade selected objects, raytrace render (with textures, bumps, highlights, transparency, spotlights with hotspot, angle and direction control, point lights, directional lights, rectangular lights, linear lights, and shadows, and customizable resolution), render preview (OpenGL), render preview selected objects, turntable, RIB export, POV export, rendering plug-in support, settings saved in file.
  • File management: Notes, templates, merge files, export selected objects, save small, incremental save, bitmap file preview, Rhino file preview, export with origin point, worksessions, blocks, file compression for meshes and preview image, send file via e-mail.
  • Plug-ins: The Rhino SDK exposes most of the internal workings of Rhino, making it possible for third-party developers to create powerful plug-ins and add-ons, programmer's I/O tool kit with source code is available on openNURBS web site.
  • Scripting: VBScript support exposes most of the internal workings of Rhino, making it possible to develop powerful scripts.
  • The RhinoScript ActiveX object can be accessed by many different programming languages including Visual Basic, Microsoft Word VBA, and Excel VBA.

    Rhino can be run in the background by an application via the RhinoScript ActiveX object.

  • Input devices: Support for SpaceBall and SpaceMouse.3-D digitizing support: MicroScribe, FaroArm, and Romer/Cimcore.


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Questions & Answers

Rhino products are only available for
Australia and New Zealand customers. Other countries please contact your local reseller.

[Q] I am in school, but I really need all the features of commercial Rhino to do my work. What should I do?

[A] Buy the educational license because it's exactly the same software with the same features as the commercial version but it will cost you less.

[Q] I own a Rhino educational license and I will finish school this spring. I want to use Rhino in my work after I graduate. Do I have to upgrade to a commercial license when I leave school?

[A] No. You can continue to use the educational license after you are out of school. Only when you upgrade to the next version of Rhino, would you buy the commercial upgrade and pay the commercial upgrade price.

[Q] I own a Rhino educational license that I no longer need. Can I sell it to my friend, who is also a student?

[A] No. Rhino educational licenses cannot be transferred (or sold) to anyone else. That is the only difference (besides the cost) between educational and commercial licenses of Rhino.

[Q] I have a single-user educational license and have upgraded it by paying commercial upgrade. Has my license become a commercial one (that is, can I resell it)?

[A] Yes, it is now a normal commercial license and you can resell it.

[Q] Can I upgrade my educational single user license to a commercial one? How much will it cost me?

[A] Yes, but only when you upgrade to a new version, and you pay the commercial upgrade price. Then your educational license changes into a commercial one. Meanwhile, there is no need to upgrade to a commercial license since the educational software is the same as the commercial software.

[Q] Can I buy more than one educational license?

[A] Students and faculty members may only buy one educational license each. Schools can buy as many as they want.

[Q]: What is an educational lab kit?

[A] It includes a license for all the computers in a school's classroom or lab.

Support and Training

Video Training

Designers the world over choose Rhino3D as their preferred design tool, especially when complex and curvaceous forms are desired, but all this is useless unless you can learn and use the software. Get the best value from your Rhino3D purchase by learning how best to use it. Purchase one of our self-paced video training modules and get professional with your Rhino3D today.

System Requirements


  • 8 GB or more is recommended.
  • 600 MB disk space.
  • OpenGL 4.1 capable video card recommended.
  • No more than 63 CPU Cores.
  • Multiple-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended.
  • Apple hardware is supported with Bootcamp.

Operating systems:

  • Windows 10, 8 or 7 - recommended

Internet connection for:

  • Download and installation
  • License validation
  • Rhino account for: technical support on the Rhino McNeel Forum and Cloud Zoo license management

Not supported:

  • Linux
  • Windows 8
  • Windows XP 64bit
  • Windows Vista, NT, 95, 98, ME or 2000
  • Windows 32-bit all versions
  • Virtualization systems on OSX such as VMWare and Parallels
  • OSX 10.10.4 (early versions of Yosemite) and any earlier version

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