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Educational Lab License

A lab kit:

  • is for schools only
  • is a license to use Bongo on all the computers in a single classroom or lab and the instructor's computer. A network is not required.
  • or, a floating license to use Bongo on 30 computers in a department. A network and license monitoring software are required.

Includes: A CD with the Bongo software and documentation.

Note: Your student / teacher status must be verified prior to delivery of the software


  • Forward Kinematics - Moving, Rotation, and Scaling
  • Constrain objects to curves.
  • Force objects to look at other objects.
  • Look-Along constraints.
  • Viewport keyframing.
  • Constrain viewport camera location and target to path.
  • Automatic and user-defined acceleration and speed.
  • Hierarchical relationships between animated objects.
  • Render to single frames or AVI using any Rhino compatible render plug-in.
  • Real-time preview in Rhino viewports using any shading mode.
  • Timeline scrubbing in any shade mode.
  • Industry standard-like timeline interface.
  • Drag and drop keyframe manipulation.
  • Animation mode button allows easy input of keyframes just by dragging objects.
  • All animation data stored with the 3dm file - no need to import or export.
  • Controller objects.
  • Dockable interface.
  • No special system requirements beyond what is needed for Rhino.


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Questions & Answers

Rhino products are only available for
Australia and New Zealand customers. Other countries please contact your local reseller.

[Q] I am in school, but I really need all the features of commercial Bongo to do my work. What should I do?

[A] Buy the educational license because it's exactly the same software with the same features as the commercial version but it will cost you less.


[Q] I own a Bongo educational license and I will finish school this spring. I want to use Bongo in my work after I graduate. Do I have to upgrade to a commercial license when I leave school?

[A] No. You can continue to use the educational license after you are out of school. Only when you upgrade to the next version of Bongo, would you buy the commercial upgrade and pay the commercial upgrade price.


[Q] I own a Bongo educational license that I no longer need. Can I sell it to my friend, who is also a student?

[A] No. Bongo educational licenses cannot be transferred (or sold) to anyone else. That is the only difference (besides the cost) between educational and commercial licenses of Bongo.


[Q] I have a Student License and have upgraded it by paying commercial upgrade. Has my license become a commercial one (that is, can I resell it)?

[A] Yes, it is now a normal commercial license and you can resell it.


[Q] Can I upgrade my educational Student License to a commercial one? How much will it cost me?

[A] Yes, but only when you upgrade to a new version, and you pay the commercial upgrade price. Then your educational license changes into a commercial one. Meanwhile, there is no need to upgrade to a commercial license since the educational software is the same as the commercial software.


[Q] Can I buy more than one educational license?

[A] Students and faculty members may only buy one educational license each. Schools can buy as many as they want.


[Q]: What is an educational lab kit?

[A] It includes a license for all the computers in a school's classroom or lab.

Support and Training

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System Requirements

PC Version:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista
  • 1 GB RAM minimum 3 GB RAM recommended
  • Pentium 4 CPU - high speed multicore CPU recommended
  • SketchUp or SketchUp Pro v6 or v7

Mac Version:

  • OS/X 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6 (Tiger, Leopard, or SnowLeopard)
  • 1 GB RAM minimim - 3 GB RAM or more recommended
  • High speed multicore CPU recommended - especially MacPro systems
  • SketchUp or SketchUp Pro v6 or v7

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