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RealCAD Animate
animation tools for RealCAD Pro

RealCAD Animate, provides full object and camera animation right inside RealCAD Pro. Bring your 3D scenes or 3D models to life without leaving your familiar RealCAD 3D environment.  More...

With RealCAD Animate you can define movement for your Figures and Groups as well as for the camera you are looking through. Render the scene as hidden-line, shaded or fully raytraced - recording the entire scene as an AVI movie ready for instant playback or conversion to a web ready movie. Bring your RealCAD 3D world to life.

RealCAD Animate provides a full set of features to create animations of your 3D models inside of RealCAD Pro. Features include:

  • object animation. Give any part of your model a path to perform along from simple rotation to movement along a 3D curve. Then set the times you want it to perform.
  • camera animation. Don't just stand there, move! Bring your 3D scenes to life by orchestrating your camera's movement in the scene over time.
  • switch lights on or off at different times to create atmosphere
  • make objects appear and disappear by switching layers on and off too
  • morph patch objects from one shape to another and
  • render the scene as hidden-line, shaded or fully realistically raytraced
  • record the entire scene as an AVI movie ready for instant playback directly inside RealCAD or in you favorite media player
  • convert your AVI to a a web-ready movie format using available utility software. 

Bring your RealCAD 3D world to life. Its easy and a lot of fun.

Note: Requires RealCAD Pro



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Questions & Answers

[Q] What is the quality of the results I can expect to achieve using this animation plug-in? I just want to do client presentations, I'm not wanting to do television broadcast quality.

[A] Perfect. The RealCAD animation tools are ideal for generating presentation videos that you will replay on your PC but are not of the quality you would expect from software designed to create TV commercials.

[Q] How realistic is the result I can get?

[A] The level of realism is governed by the way you set up your materials' the lighting and the render settings you choose to use. The maximum level of reality is limited by the built in raytrace rendering of RealCAD.


[Q] How fast is the recording of my animation going to be? Is it something I have to leave for hours to finish?

[A] If you animate in wire-frame or quick-shade mode then the animation time is really fast, but if you select raytrace rendering or hidden line and your model or scene is complex and the screen resolution is set high you will find this will affect the animation creation time considerably.

Support and Training

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System Requirements

Requires RealCAD Pro and as fast a CPU as you can afford. 

If you can render your model or scene in the desired mode in less than 30 seconds then animation is just viable with your hardware considering that you will be rendering your scene at about 24 frames per second. Therefore it would take 12 minutes to produce 1 second of animation.

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