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The lisp productivity tool of the future

RockAUTO™ is a productivity CAD design/drafting package that is simple to use and easily configured to your office standards.

It includes many tools for Building Services and Process Industry professionals.

AutoHVAC™ is a ductwork design/drafting package that allows Air Conditioning consultants and workshops to quickly rough in ductwork designs and then modify the ductwork later. This gives them the opportunity to change the size or type of duct, add sizing, insulation etc.

AutoPIPE™ is a comprehensive pipework package giving Hydraulic Services consultants line styles to suit water, gas and drainage layouts. AutoPIPE™ also includes a hot and cold water rough in and floor waste / drainage layout rough in.

AutoARCH™ is an architectural clean-up toolbar that allows incoming drawings to be quickly translated to a format which is suitable to be used as an xref background. Although RockAUTO™ comes complete with many service related tools, all industry CAD users will benefit from the productivity tools and in particular the AutoPUBLISH™ commands which help CAD Managers and users with their electronic delivery of drawings in PDF, DWF and DWG formats.


  • Automatically purge all unused named references including groups from each drawing as they are opened (optional).
  • Append revisions or selected attribute values to file names.
  • Lisp for attedit, read attribute vales across multiple files, ase points, block clean, scale, etc., line break and chamfer options, change multiple text and attributes quicker.
  • Change globally object properties from one to another quickly and efficently.
  • Assign objects drawn bycolour a layer and make them bylayer.
  • Setup scale of drawings and display mview scales and units in the status line.
  • Text utilities for leader lines of text, text above lines, etc.
  • MText creation from exploded text.
  • Standardise dimension settings and simplify AutoCAD commands.
  • Dxfin multiple .dxf files, rease whole layers with a preview, explode polylines, grouping utilities, layer utilities, etc.
  • Multiply linetypes by scale factors, move and copy text to exact positions rather than by sight.
  • Create slide files of multiple .dwg files, and run scripts on multiple files.
  • Pedit multiple polylines, create polylines from lines and change globally the width to 0.
  • Draw revision clouds as polylines with undo and close feature.
  • Scale filter/select, snap and style utilities.
  • Swap tilemode without changing Itscale, clean a drawing.
  • Draw notes, titles, section marks, etc. to your standard.
  • Not included? We'll be surprised! However, send a request and it will!!!

Main features

Document Navigation

Navigate through a directory of drawings with NXT command (closes the current drawing & opens the next) PRV to previous. Open close and rename drawing commands. Plus, open a file by simply typing its file name. You will be able to speed over a project set of documents in seconds!

Link Block Attributes to Drawing & NTFS File Properties

  • Yes! View the drawing title from within Explorer further enabling you to speed to the document you require.
  • Link drawing titles & revisions to transmittals reducing errors resulting from duplication.
  • Link drawing titles & revisions to the drawing properties Summary and Custom properties.

Publish / Plot / eTransmit Utilities

  • Plot multiple drawings no matter where the drawing sheet is saved Pspace/Mspace or Multiple Layouts.
  • eTransmit across multiple drawings eliminating the sending of duplicate xref files & zip up files to a specified size limit.
  • Issue multiple PDF/PLT/DWG/DXF or DWF files at the press of a button.
  • Update plot stamp attributes to display your specified plot record as you plot.
  • Print full size & reduced drawings in an instante.

Never type in a layer / block / style / linetype name again

Standardise your office layers with this easy to use layer creation dialogue. Add your own layers and set your own colours. Rock CAD Support will assist in customising RockAUTO to your office standard. standards whatever layering structure or object colours.

Similar to match properties only better.

Interactive table name dialogs that pop up on request to display the layer names for selection. Ten times faster than match properties and allows you to create a layer or insert the linetypes whilst the command is still active.

AutoLIB Block Library Builder

Create icon libraries of all your blocks.

Questions & Answers

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Support and Training

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System Requirements

  • Microsoft® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 1Gb RAM or higher recommended.
  • 1024x768 VGA display or better.
  • AutoCAD 2005 or higher(*).
  • Bricscad v9 or higher(*).

(*) Either one

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