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Piranesi 6 PRO

The World's Leading 3D Model Visualiser

In any creative process for clients, the first presentation of ideas is vitally important. Efforts to get the client to see (and ultimately approve) the concept as a whole, rather than focusing on the detail, often result in the delivery of a loose, impressionistic visualisation of the finished building, landscaping plan or product. Piranesi 6 Pro excels at turning your conceptual 3D models into wonderfully atmospheric, stylised and (most importantly) persuasive visualisations. More...


In detail

Piranesi 6 Pro is not just a painting tool... it is a 'difference maker'.

Piranesi 6 Pro not only converts your 2D and 3D designs into breathtaking presentation images for clients and prospects alike, but expresses your team's creative and professional abilities with maximum dramatic impact.

Anyone who has presented an initial design concept understands the power of the artist's impression. At the early stages of a project, where specifications are limited and it's simply not possible (or even desirable) to present detailed treatments, Piranesi can and does work wonders.

Piranesi's unique ability to generate stylish and atmospheric illustrations with a truly hand-painted feel, sets it apart from other visualisation tools.

In your hands, Piranesi will produce subtle and emotive impressions which allow the creative idea to shine, drawing the focus to the key elements of the design proposal.

Piranesi 6 pro doesn't need a heavily-detailed source model that was time-consuming to produce - you can rapidly create stunning images even from simple models. At the later stages of your project, after your initial concepts have been approved, Piranesi is used to produce finished visuals (either photorealistic or non-photorealistic) for distribution to all parties involved, or for competition submission.

Quick, simple and stress free.

Piranesi 6 Pro is unlike any other painting application. Designed to work in conjunction with all popular AEC 2D and 3D modellers, it has the ability to 'remember' the dimensional information from your model. This enables you to paint freely whilst locking to a single material (removing the need to generate masks), and also paint with textures in perfect perspective. By remembering the depth dimension from the original 3D model, Piranesi allows you to place cutouts with automated scaling in relation to both your original model image, and other placed entourage elements. Piranesi even allows you to place cutouts behind your model (e.g. trees behind a building) and applies automatic masking to the placed cutout.

What is new in Piranesi 6 Pro

  • The product name has changed from Piranesi 2010 Pro to Piranesi 6 Pro (2010 is so last year).
  • SKP files from Google SketchUp v8 can be read by Piranesi.
  • the texture clone tool is now easier to use because it no longer asks to save the cloned area to a file before you can paint with it.
  • PNG files saved with File/Export can now be used as raster grains. Before, opaque areas would become black but now the grain uses the alpha channel so the detail is retained.
  • a style library can be hosted on a website if required. Any raster files it needs will also be read from the website if the styles use relative paths.
  • a thumbnail shown in the style manager and style selector can be shown in higher resolution by providing a separate image file. The details pane on the right side of the style manager has a "thumb" option to set the filename.
  • the Help Assistant is now hidden at startup to increase the available drawing area. Use the View/Toolbars menu to show it.
  • a memory leak while displaying lock highlighting has been fixed. This was particularly noticable on Mac and could lead to crashes.
  • in some cases, the style library builder did not create thumbnail images.
  • FBX files with Japanese characters in their pathname can now be opened.
  • double-click to open an EPix file no longer shows an extra message box, provided that a licence has been activated.
  • capturing a reflection no longer crashes (Mac OS X only).
  • in rare cases, some areas of the drawing were not redrawn.
  • File/Export to PSD format could crash when the layer extent was outside the drawing.
  • File/Export to PSD has an option to flatten cutouts and shadows into one layer, as in earlier versions of Piranesi. This means that cutouts can be correctly clipped against lower layers.
  • on the stereo image pair dialog, clicking Pick no longer reverts earlier changes.
  • in Style/Properties and Add Style, the blend values can be set for layer blend command.
  • security fix to protect against DLL preloading attack on Windows.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 is now required on Mac. Older PowerPC computers are no longer supported.
  • material and floating cutout names in all languages are now handled correctly.
  • other fixes in response to Windows Error Reports and customer feedback: we are grateful for your input and encourage you to report any problems to us.

These changes from Piranesi 2010 Pro (v6.0.1) are also included:

  • too much memory was required while opening EPix files with transparent areas
  • layer merge failed in some cases
  • the drawing is now updated after changing cutout blend
  • keyboard shortcuts can be defined for many operations that use Pick buttons on the Settings palettes - see the Shortcuts/Pick section in Edit/Preferences or Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts
  • DWG™ files from AutoCAD 2010 and earlier are now supported by Piranesi. Support for DXF™ files is improved. A lisp script is available for AutoCAD users to export to Piranesi EPix files.
  • fixed multifill styles that used erase tool
  • layer thumbnail was not updated immediately after drawing (Mac OS X only)
  • rerender script command did not redraw Restore channel (Mac OS X only)
  • duplicate ozbreed style library after upgrading from 5.1/Lite (Mac OS X only)
  • a number of other problems have been fixed

CAD International are the official supplier of Pirenasi to architects designers and artists the world over. For the ultimate atmospheric and artistic presentation solution select Pirenasi and start painting your 3D world.

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System Requirements


  • Microsoft® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 1024 x 768 resolution colour monitor displaying at least 65,000 colours


  • Mac OS® X v10.6 or later
  • 1000 x 750 resolution colour monitor displaying at least 65,000 colours
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