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PhotoImpact PLUS

Import CAD plans as image files then transform them into artistic masterpieces. Apply a range of artistic digital effects to produce hand drawn, water colour, oil paint, crayon, charcoal styles and more. Use PhotoImpact PLUS to artify your CAD drawings or to edit your digital photographs.

This product is similar to Photoshop (only easier) and comes with a vast library of plants and landscape images you can use to enhance your elevations or 3D images. A great companion to LANDWorksCAD too. You can even show a client what his garden may look like, directly from a photograph enhanced with your colours, plants and images. More...

Image Editing for Landscapers

The perfect tool to help you communicate your ideas in a clear and artistic manner. It is sophisticated image editing software that will take your CAD drawings or your site photographs and turn them into a masterpiece.

Built-In Library

With the comprehensive plant library supplied or from any image you can obtain via the web or your own photographs, transform a digital snapshot of an existing garden, yard or streetscape into a visual representation of your proposal....

Photo Finish

Just take the photo and layout library images of your favourite plants and hardscapes to produce a stunning image of the finished job. Areas can be edited and transformed from existing appearance to proposed appearance with the ability to mask regions and lay new materials into those regions.


Nightscapes can also be produced from photos taken during the day.


PhotoImpact PLUS is not limited to landscape design either. You can use your artistic flair to alter any photograph or digital image. Add special effects and even make web ready content. In fact every image on this web site was processed in some way by this versatile software.


Create artistic renditions of your designs in sharp-colour , soft effects, muted tones, pastel, charcoal, water-colour, felt-pen, or any number of specialised effects as well as traditional black and white or colour line drawing.

Image Conscious

Digital or scanned photographs and other bitmap images can be incorporated into your drawings allowing for complex logo's and graphic illustrations of the plants and surrounds that relate to your design.

Let natures own imagery paint a picture for you and your clients to appreciate.

Companion Software

Add PhotoImpact PLUS to your purchase of LANDWorksCAD or simply buy it as a stand alone program. Use images manipulated in PhotoImpact in your LANDWorksCAD drawings to enhance the appearance of your drawing presentations too.

Get Supported

If you feel you want extra help choose full expert technical annual support with the support subscription plan for total peace of mind. We can assist you with practically any question.

Questions & Answers

What can PhotoImpact do for me?

If you've ever wanted one package that does it ALL, look no further.

  • Digital photography - enhance your photos with photo-editing tools that are incredibly easy to use yet feature professional techniques
  • Integrated Web tools - visually create entire Web pages containing interactive rollovers and buttons, as well as JavaScript effects, without the hassle of coding
  • Graphic imaging tools - explore a host of features for Web and creative design
  • Productivity functions - work with a number of image files simultaneously for maximum speed and ease
  • Composition tools - includes Rule of Thirds and Golden Ratio crop tools
  • Enhanced UI and updated ExpressFix - includes new straighten and crop tools
  • Graphic art - get creative with image-editing tools like the new Cloud Pen
  • Corel® Painter™ Essentials 3 - turn your photos into stunning paintings in 3 steps

What other programs can I use with PhotoImpact?

PhotoImpact is a great companion tool for video-editing and DVD authoring applications like VideoStudio and MovieFactory. You can create compelling graphics for your movies, including DVD menus, special effects, overlay objects and eye-popping titles. PhotoImpact makes it easy to achieve professional results with both your photos and videos.

What bonus items do I get?

PhotoImpact delivers the best value for money on the market. Users and reviewers are amazed by its 1,398 royalty-free images, 2,221 Web elements, 3,270 customizable effects, 3 full applications, and wealth of features for photo editing, graphic design and Web creation.

Panorama stitching (COOL 360™) is integrated right into PhotoImpact X3, and has been enhanced to allow vertical as well as horizontal panoramas.

We are also excited to be able to include a full version of Corel Painter Essentials 3. This makes it easy to convert photos into paintings using technology from the award-winning Corel® Painter™ product. There's simply nothing else like it.

Support and Training

Contact us for options.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 500MB available on Hard drive
  • 2GB RAM or greater preferred
  • CD Drive
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
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