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IronCAD Draft

For decades users have needed to choose between working in 2D or 3D, today there is another option! - Historically, designers have wanted to work in 2D. They prefer the ability to control and craft their drawings and to detail them clearly and efficiently. To these users, drafting is an art form, not merely a series of lines on a piece of paper. While the evolution of 3D modeling has made designing products easier for some, for many working in 3D is not a necessity but it is beneficial. CAD International's IronCAD Authorised Reseller

IronCAD Draft In Action


IronCAD Draft In Action

IronCAD Draft is an extremely powerful 2D mechanical drafting tool with an easy to learn, industry standard user interface and a unique 3D integration capability, enabling users work in 2D but also to view, leverage, analyze, render and reference 3D model data created by suppliers customers and colleagues.

ComparisonSee the comparison between IronCAD, Inovate and IronCAD Draft

Unrivaled Compatibility with AutoCAD®

Open, edit, and save existing DWG file generated by AutoCAD® to share and communicate with design team members accurately. Easily adapt to the IronCAD Draft interface from its familiar environment that offers many commands commonly found in AutoCAD.

Production Powerful Capabilities

IronCAD Draft is built on the combination of IronCAD 3D and Caxa 2D technologies that have thousands of existing users and a wealth of experience in their respective areas making it a production ready solution. It offers fundamental 2D creation and editing tools in addition to mechanically focused utilities and parametric standard parts, giving engineers the ability to easily create fully detailed designs.

Detailing is powerful and complete offering the ability to create precise 2D entities including lines, parallel lines, arc, circles, rectangles, elliptical curves, polygons, splines, and reference entities such as centerlines and hatch patterns. IronCAD Draft supports powerful input options during feature creation to quickly specify size and other options such as automatic centerlines. Other utilities such as Block association, Command Editor, Format Painter, Properties Window, and the Text Editor are all intelligent functions that support quick and efficient methods to complete complex engineering tasks.

Streamlined User Interface & Customization

IronCAD Draft utilizes the industry standard Windows 2007 Fluent / Ribbon user interface designed to streamline the design process by providing the most common tasks directly to the user in a common grouped interface. In addition, it is easy for you to customize the user interface to quickly access the most common commands in your day to day process. As with any industry standard 2D application, IronCAD Draft offers a powerful application programming interface to customize corporate standard utilities and processes.


IronCAD Basic Modeling

3D Design Interrogation and Communication

Import industry standard formats including ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, IRONCAD 3D, Pro/E, UG (NX), and CATIA along with a large variety of graphical formats to perform task to better verify and communicate your design projects.

Multiple models can be imported to build assemblies, verify interferences, and to communicate the 3D representation to customers using realistic rendering and animations. Build your own custom catalog components to quickly assembly and communicate products in real-time to potential customers to help communicate your projects upfront. In addition, leverage the 3D data with full association in the 2D detailing to speed up the layout process and to automatically reuse critical information from the 3D such as bill of materials and measurement information.

Communication and Sharing

Share and communicate your design projects using freely distributable viewers and exchange data with clients in DWG/DXF and image formats. While being able to communicate is good, but sharing live project data requires control and management. IronCAD's Next Generation suite includes a powerful and integrated fully functional EDM solution to manage your CAD and related engineering project data, both internally and externally across the World Wide Web.


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Questions & Answers

[Q] What are the differences between IronCAD, Inovate and IronCAD Draft?

[A] You can see our IronCAD Comparison Chart here.

[Q] We are an Australian manufacturer and have not heard very much about IronCAD. We currenly use AutoDesk Inventor but we are not really happy with it. Could you give me a list of users of IronCAD in Australia that I might be able to talk to? From what I have read on the net and in forums IronCAD looks like it might be a much better fit for us.

[A] ...here is a list of clients currently using IronCAD that are ok for someone to chat with. You will find several have been using other programs like Inventor and Solid Edge or Solid Works but have made the switch to IronCAD. I don't recall anyone going the other way! 

Action Bearings, Adval Australia, Boss Aluminium, Carbontech, Colourvision Systems, Compound Polymers Aust, Cridland Automation, Dana Spicer Australia, Decon Conveyors, Design JS, Display and Design, Invetech, Iggy Design, JW Design, Lakeside Cooling Towers, Melville Tooling, NHP Electrical Engineering, Omegatech Drafting, QD Lighting, Robotunits Australia, Safezone Electrics, Technicad Solutions, TycoWater, Vocom Exhibition Services, OneSteel, Infinity Design, Mallet Foundry, Pixie Ice Cream, Redflow, Skyline Design, Vinidex, Beurteaux, Roscos Trademate, Tommotek, Displaywise, Ennor Engineering, Macquarie Manufacturing, Mobasco, Visimage Displays, Seattle Services, SED Manufacturing Services, Suspension Technology Aust, 

Support and Training

Expert Technical Support

In a recent marketing study we found that the core reasons Designers and Manufacturers choose IronCAD as their preferred design tool is the excellent support, speed of use, flexibility in design and ease of learning. We are very proud of our support reputation and go the extra mile to ensure you get the best value from your purchase. Support is fast efficient and affordable. Enrol to our expert and friendly technical support today.

Expert Training

Whilst IronCAD may be the easiest and most flexible high-end CAD on the market, to maximise your investment we highly recommend our proven IronCAD Online Training Course developed in consultation with users for all users from beginner to expert. enrol in the course and get familiar with IronCAD immediately.

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8 and 7 (Home Editions are not supported)
  • 64bit only
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 12GB of RAM or more for very large assembly work.
  • OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics card (for best results see HOOPS Compatibility).
  • 2GB of free disk space to install.
IronCAD CAD International Support Subscription

IronCAD CAD International Support Subscription

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