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Smart Architect

Smart Architect is arguably the most complete and loved architectural plug-in for AutoCAD ever made, and now it's also available for BricsCAD making it more affordable than ever.

So if you want the most time-honoured and most powerful solution for professional architects and designers, this is it. Ask just about anyone who's ever used it and they'll swear by its powerful toolsets and time saving ability.

Smart Architect supports early versions of AutoCAD and now supports the latest versions of BricsCAD too. Exsiting AutoCAD users can upgrade to the latest BricsCAD version for less the price of subscription and get more tools in a familiar AutoCAD style interface. 

Join literally thousands of happy drafters and design professionals .... and make the most of your CAD software investment More...

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  Drawing Scale
Pull-Down menu: SlingShot > Drawing Scale

Drawing scale is now located in !Slingshot Max with a new interface. It controls drawing scale on both model space and page space for text and graphic symbols.

  Stretch Multiple
Pull-Down menu: SuperTools > Stretch Multiple

Allows multiple selection of endpoints to stretch.

  View Database Records
Pull-Down menu: Utilities > Smart Architect Utilities > View Database Records

A Drawing Record is now stored within the drawing. The accumulated time gives a clear indication of the amount of time spent creating the drawing and allows editing of the view database record. This information is stored in the drawing and can be dynamically linked to the drawing sheet title. The fields are generic and can be modified to suit users requirements.

  1 Point Perspective
Pull-Down menu: Utilities > 3D VPoint > 1 Point Perspective

1 point perspective is now available. The 1 point perspective has been rewritten to allow for the new realistic and conceptual display options. Once in this mode you can mouse scroll the view and use the arrow keys to adjust the view location.

Pull-Down menu: Utilities > 3D VPoint > Perspective

3DV Perspective now available with new camera icon to indicate the scope of the view. The 3DV perspective been rewritten to allow for the new realistic and conceptual display options. Once in this mode you can mouse scroll the view and use the arrow keys to adjust the view location.

      Shade Mode
Pull-Down menu: SlingShot> Shade > Shade Mode

All the new shade mode styles have become available.

      Other Highlights

  • F3 has been assigned for color palette, F4 has been assigned for line type selection
  • Zoooming is now allowed in perspective view - use mouse scroll to zoom in and out and arrow keys to adjust the view location
  • Save and SaveAs are now open and save as commands with drawing record option that is now stored within the drawing.
  • Text continue is now improved

More New Features

  • Includes !SlingShot Max
    Smart Architect now includes !SlingShot Max.
  • Includes SuperTools
    Smart Architect now includes SuperTools.
  • Includes Toolkit
    Smart Architect now includes Toolkit.

The drc_stud Command

The drc_stud command can handle just about any framing requirement from 2d to 3d. Steel or timber, raked and split level frames. Being totally flexible and configurable users can easily set-up not only the framing type and detail but also the way that the studs are dimensioned and drawn.

The drc_issue Command

Many customers are frustrated with object enablers and the need for there use. The drc_issue command creates a single 2D drawing that has no drc objects at the press of a button making issuing of drawings a breeze.

Improved Features

Smart Wall* Technology

Numerous wall types are available, from cavity walls to timber, to concrete, and partitioning. All features such as height, width, rate, code and even linetype and layer may be altered by the user. Wall types not catered for are easily added to the list by the user.

Straight or curved walls can be drawn with automatic intersection clean-up. Windows, doors or any openings cut into walls are automatic whether viewed in 2D or 3D. The user may elect to include hatching when drawing the walls or hatch walls after the event. Hatching will look after itself at all intersections and openings. All the standard CAD editing commands can be used on walls, eg copy, move, offset, fillet, grow, trim, join, break, etc, thus reducing the learning curve and not increasing the number of commands to be used.

Doors and Windows

An extensive range of door and window styles and configurations is available. Dialogue boxes are clearly laid out and simple to use allowing for alterations to sills, thresholds, mullions, jambs, door swings, etc. Drawing a simple outline is all that is need to create a new style of door or window that is not included in the list.

Each entity that makes up the door or window can be modified after insertion. There are automatic numbering and elevation routines. A schedule for doors and windows is automatically tabled and each item is elevated with dimensions.

Elevations and Sections

Sections can be cut through buildings to include all entities from 3D furniture to roofs, windows, doors and floors. Internal or external elevations can also be pealed off. All ceiling and floor RL settings will be reflected. Sections and elevations will also account for any externally referenced files that may have been used to make up the model.

Automatic Layer Assignment

All entities automatically default to a predefined layer. This means that a user can load the software without having to give any thought to layer configuration and can simply begin drawing. The layering convention provided in the software can be altered to match the convention of the user or the office standard. If the assigned layer for a particular entity does not exist in a drawing, it is automatically created and the entity will default to it. The system will also allow for entities to default to the current layer.

User Block Library

The Smart Architect User Block Library provides the ability to sort all the blocks, used in a drawing office, into categories. This library can be located on a particular machine or placed on the server allowing all users access to a single location.

Command Access

Commands can be accessed through pull down menus, tool bars and the keyboard. The keyboard comes with many pre-configured hot keys, but is completely programmable through the use of a dialogue box. The pull down menus are structured to follow a typical drawing method and along with the description of the command, provide the keyboard short cuts. The software takes advantage of the Windows environment by providing tool bars which can be modified to the preference of the user.


The Database can be tied into your title block and changed or updated as the drawing progresses. The information in the database is reflected in the Drawing Manager when opening a drawing.

Project Management

Extra floors can be added to a building with a single command, creating a new drawing of the next level and automatically cross referencing it back into the master file. An XREF Manager is provided for moving from drawing to drawing within a project tree. To save confusion, an external reference file can be opened by simply selecting it with your cursor.

Drawing Documentation

The laborious and repetitive tasks of labelling and dimensioning a drawing are alleviated with a drag and drop labelling system which is categorised and an automatic dimension command. A label can now be added to a list and never needs to be typed into a drawing again, with the drag and drop dialogue boxes making label placement very easy. Text fonts and heights can be adjusted at insertion time. Once a building is complete, the plans can be dimensioned with a single command.

Commercial & Concrete

Although Smart Architect has a great strength in domestic drawings and models, it also focuses very strongly on commercial routines, with grid and column layouts, parking layouts and curtain walling. There are many routines and symbols to cater for commercial interiors and ceiling grid set-outs.

Roof Builder

Smart Architect is able to generate a roof of virtually any style and shape. The dialogue box provides a range of standard roof styles as well as the ability to generate a profiled roof. The roof can have planes added to it at a later stage, the shape can be manipulated and stretched to suit and shapes can be cut out of it. With all this flexibility, the roof does not lose its intelligence, and all quantities will automatically update with the alterations.

2D and 3D Stairs and Escalators

All the parameters for stairs and escalators can be adjusted to meet the specifications of the project. The dialogue boxes are self explanatory with common building terminology. The stairs and escalators can be drawn in render quality 3D, 2D and section to graphically reflect the information provided by the user.

Shadow Diagrams

The shadow casting routine will project shadows from a flat 2 dimensional drawing with some heights specified by the user, or automatically from 3 dimensional objects. If a series of contour points or a surface terrain exist, the shadow will be cast to meet it.

The dialogue box provides a range of cities and corresponding latitudes, however, this list can be added to or altered to suit any location. Azimuth and sun angle are calculated automatically.

Surface Terrain

Surface terrain models can be generated from information provided by a surveyor, or by the user specifying the individual spot levels. A grid or triangulated terrain model can be produced to include contour lines. Contour lines can also be used to create the terrain model.

Shadows can be cast onto a terrain, walls projected down to them and foundations constructed to align with them. Cut and fill calculations and volumetrics can be performed, roads can be cut in and sections derived.


Apart from the objects behaving intuitively, all building elements retain particular information for extraction into bills of quantities and schedules. All materials, finishes, codes and rates can be adjusted to meet the current prices and meet the office standards. The resulting information can be opened by most quantities packages or spread sheets.

Smart Architect Toolbars

    • S.A. Toolbar: Draw Walls, Insert Door, Insert Window, Flooring, Raft Slab, Build Roof, Stairs, Cross Sections, Space Planner, 3D Model, Commercial Grid line, Dimension Polyline, drcauto Command Centre.

    • S.A. 2D Edit: Match, Complex, Arc... New Radius, Art... To Circle, Arc... Length, Join, Join Circles, Divide, Measure, Copy Rotate, Copy Angular, Multiple Offset, Offset, Fillet Radius, Fillet Multiple, Fillet Leave Lines, Fillet Crossing, Mirror, Trim Between Lines, Trim Selection Set, Cut Mid, Neat Cut, Extrude a Set

    • S.A. 3D: Edit, Face, Extrude Pline to Mesh, Make invisible Edge, Make visible Edge, Line to 3D Block, Line to 3D Face, Face to line, Extend line to 3D Face, Copy Z Direction, Block Swap 2D-3D, Change All Z Values to 0, Z Value to Object, Move Z Direction, Z Height of Block

    • S.A. 3D Model: 3D Model, Hole, Clip Mesh, Extrude Pline to Mesh, Loft Polyline, Infil Lines as Solid, Infil Pline as Solid, Infil Pline with Face, Join 3D Faces, Join Polylines, Mesh to Polyface, Rectangular Frame, Spiral, 3D Model

    • S.A. Framing: Bracing, Framing, Steel to Timber, Timber to Steel, Floor Beam Design, Roof Beam Design, Frame Member

    • S.A. Area: Count Objects, Polyline Perim, Polyline Area, Entity by Area

    • S.A. Commercial: Commercial Grid line, Snap Grid Setout, MultiGrid Lines, Column Heads, Column Insert, Column Layout, Pole Insert, Post Insert, Ceiling Tiles, Diffuser Layout, Lighting, Layout, Glazed Partitioning, Curtain Wall - Radial, Curtail Wall - Straight, Commercial Building Icons

    • S.A. Concrete: Raft Slab, Stepped Slab, Suspended Slab, Edge Beam, Footings, Footing Parametric, Beam Under Wall, Insert a Rod, Reinforcing Rods, Plan Reinforcement, Members, Beam Under Slab, Thicken Setdown Slab, Concrete Layout Icons

    • S.A. Configure: 3D Defaults, Color Keys, Complex Linetypes, Dimensions, Doors, Roof, Layers, Leader, Linetype Keys, Plotted Text, Hatch, Startup, Text, Title Block, Walls, Maximum Wall Cut, Wall Opening, Windows, Section Icon, Rebuild Index, Update Rates, Finishes Configure

    • S.A. Database: Keyboard On, Keyboard Off, Database Off, Database On, Purge Records on Drive, Purge Records on Network, Pack Database, Scan Drawings on Drive, Scan Drawings on Network, View Database Records, Library Utility, Block Library..., Library Icon..., User Block..., Repair User Block, Re-Convert User Block

    • S.A. Design Furniture: Sanitary Plan Layout, Cupboards, Shelving, Table

    • S.A. Dimensions: Dimension Polyline, Dimension Aligned, Dimension Diameter, Dimension Horizontal, Dimension Vertical, Dimension Angular, Center Mark, Dimension Section Line, Dimension Radius, Dimension Linear, Dimension to Icon, Automatic, Dimension Selection Set, Dimension to Points, Dimension Building, Dimension Building Internal

    • S.A. Drawing Base: Drawing Scale, Title Blocks..., Issue Drawing, Toggle to Imperial, Toggle to Metric, Working to design, Design to working, Add Floor to Project, Side Elevation, Internal Elevation, Snap Shot, Smart Architect Help

    • S.A. Display: Distance Nea-Per

    • S.A. Documentation: Cross sections, Elevations, Ceiling, Cornice

    • S.A. Finish: Add Room Finish, Add Wall Finish, Add Floor Finish, Add Ceiling Finish

    • S.A. Flooring: Flooring, Foundation Plan, Pad Footings, Piers, Multiple Piers, Single Pier, Floor in Section, Change Floor Member, Half Pier, New Pier, New Stump

    • S.A. 3D Viewing: Perspective, 1 Point Perspective, Movie, View Front, View Rear, View Left, View Right

    • S.A. Furniture Library: Bedroom 2D, Chair 2D, Lounge 2D, Tables 2D, Household 2D, General 2D, Bedroom 3D, Chair 3D, Lounge 3D, Tables 3D, Household 3D, Furniture Elevation, Office 2D, Office 3D

    • S.A. Hatch: Floor Tiles, BHatch, Remove Hatch from Walls, Hatch Walls, Hatch, Hatch Library, Hatch Earth, Hatch Random Dots, Hatch Solid Wall, Partial Hatch, Hatch Brick Elev, Hatch Block Elev

    • S.A. Kitchen-Laundry: Kitchen 2D, Sinks 2D, Clark Sinks 2D, Clark Sinks 3D, Kitchen 3D, Laundry Plan 2D, Laundry Plan 3D, Laundry Elevation

    • S.A. Library: General Sections, Electrical Fittings, Lighting 3D, Electrical Accesories, Footings, Roof Details, Fireplace 3D, Fireplace 2D

    • S.A. Modify: Change Object Color, Set to Current, Change Linetype, Set Linetype, Change Properties, Global Change, Block to Polyline

    • S.A. Parametric Symbols: Line Box, Centered, Dragged Box, Dragged XX, Keyhole, Scollop, 3D Box, Arrows, Up Arrow, Grid Line, Leader Arrow, Revision Cloud, Section Break, Pipe Break, Section Line, Triangle, Distance Icon

    • S.A. Quantities: Concrete Quantities, Door Schedule, Joinery Quantity, Roof Quantity, Steel Quantity, Timber, Tree Quantities, Wall Quantities, Wall Finish, Floor Finish, Fittings, Ceiling Finish, Window Schedule, Stud Frame

    • S.A. Quick Text: Small Text, Medium Text, Large Text, Extra Large Text, Small Vertical Text, Medium Vertical Text, Large Vertical Text, Extra Large Vertical Text, Room Labels, Drawing Labels

    • S.A. Roof: Build Roof, Add Chimney, Extend Object to Roof, Roof Plane, Grow Roof, Change Roof, Gable, Pergola, Verandah, Re-Build Roof, Fascia 3D, Roof Icons

    • S.A. Sanitary Library: Bath Plan, Spas, Bathrooms, Bath Elevations, Suites, Wall Basins, Bathware, Vanity Vasins, Disabled, Urinals Bidets, Tapware, Toilet Accessories

    • S.A. Sections: Concrete Roof, Steel Skilion, Battens... Tiles, Battens... Metal Roof, Truss, Quad in Section, Ceiling Battens, Ceiling and Cornice in Section, Roof Fascia, Gutter, Upper Floors, Joinery

    • S.A. Steel: Steel Icon..., Angles, C-Z Purlins, Channel Parallel, Channel Tapered, Grates, R.H.S., S.H.S., Tapered Beam, Universal Beam, Universal Column, Connectors..., Jambs

    • S.A. Shop Library: Fitting Plans, Cooking Plan, Accessory Plan, Fitting Elevations, Cooking Elevations, Accessory Elevations

    • S.A. Site Works: Cars, CarPark, Library Trees 2D, Library Trees 3D, Library Trees Elevations, People, Pools, Site Elevations, Symbols, North Points, 2D Trees, 3D Trees, Tree Elevations, Tree Database, Shadow Diagrams, Survey, Label Point, Road Design, Ramp design

    • S.A. Space Planner: Space Planner, Polygon Rooms, Single Walls, Reset Default Values, Grow Rooms, Extract Area, Estimate Cost, Update Rates, Insert Nibs, Remove Wall Section, Change Finish Attribute, Convert to Working Drawing, Wall Finish, Floor Finish, Space Planner Icons, Commercial Demonstration

    • S.A. Stairs: Stairs, Escalator, Plan - Stair Blocks

    • S.A. Terrain Model: Terrain Model, Terrain Tin, Locate Contour Points, Add Points to Tin, Add Contour Points, Hull to Points, Clip a Mesh or Tin, Configure Terrain Model, Convert Contour to Tin, Convert Mesh to Tin, Cut and Fill, Volumetrics, Cut a Section, Flatten an Area, Interpolate 2 Plines, Label Contours, Smooth Fit Contour, Convert Faces to Tin, Thin Out Vertices, Join 3D Faces to Mesh, Terrain Tin Demo, Terrain Model Demo, Terrain Model

    • S.A. Walls: Draw Walls, Wall Room, Add External Skin, Cut Opening, Add Wall Top, Add Wall Base, Auto Offset, Solid Wall, Courses, Wall Quantities, Wall Cleanup, Cap Smart Wall, Remove Caps from Wall, Remove Wall Breaks, Purge Smart Wall, Smooth Arc Wall, Smart Wall Height, Smart Wall R.L., Convert lines to Wall, Change Wall Type, Chase Outline, Rebuild Exploded Wall, Wall Icon

    • S.A. Windows: Insert Window, Window Detail Up, Window Detail Down, Elevate by Pick, Window Elevation, Modify Windows, Window Selection, Window Numbers, Window Text, Cut Open, Window Re-Open, Window Icon

    • S.A. Doors: Insert Door, Convert Jamb Type, Elevate by Pick, Mirror Door Hinge, Mirror Door Hinge and Swing, Mirror Door Swing, Modify Door, Add Door NUmbers, Door Elevation, Door Icons

CAD International is a premier developer of building related applications including StrucPLUS and SmartArchitect for AutoCAD® and continue development of StrucPLUS for AutoCAD and BricsCAD and SmartArchitect for BricsCAD®

Questions & Answers

[Q] What is the difference between the AutoCAD version of SmartArchitect and BricsCAD version?

[A] Smart Architect for AutoCAD is only availabvle for AutoCAD versions up to and including 2010 whilst SmartArchitect for BricsCAD is available for the latest versions of BricsCAD.


[Q] I have AutoCAD LT, will SmartArchitect run on LT?

[A] No, not any more. SmartArchitect used to run on AutoCAD LT but it's now easier, more powerful and more cost effective to use BricsCAD and SmartArchitect. BricsCAD is like AutoCAD LT but with no restrictions and has full 3D.

Support and Training

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System Requirements

For BricsCAD®

  • BricsCAD® Pro or BricsCAD® Platinum 2015 or later.
  • Windows® 7 or later
  • 64bit  PC
  • .NET 4 Framework or later

For AutoCAD®

  • AutoCAD® 
    • 2000, 2000i, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
    • 2008 (prior to the Non-Unicode Multiline Hotfix) dll
    • 2009 (prior to SP2)
    • 2010 (prior to SP1) dll
  • 32bit(2) computer only 64bit not supported.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows Vista® (SP1 or later or Microsoft®, Windows® XP Professional or Home edition (SP2 or later)
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon dual-core processor, 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Direct3D®-capable workstation-class graphics card

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