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Designer Pro PLUS

The Designer Pro architectural CAD series is literally the world's fastest and easiest to use architectural design software for domestic and light commercial design.

Designer Pro Overview

Sketch or rough-in your designs in plan or 3D, then push and pull your building into shape with exact dimensions. Explore design ideas and make incredibly fast and sweeping changes in a just a few clicks.

Assess your designs on any site. Designer Pro 'PLUS' edition is an intelligent BIM (Building Information Modeling) system as well as a rapid building design, costing, visualisation and CAD drafting package.

Automatically generate base plans, elevations, sections, perspectives, shadow diagrams, color renderings, walk-though animations, framing plans, footing plans, electrical layouts and more - Then when the design is complete send your drawing views to a Layout sheet for printing or export them to the included rapid 2D CAD tool to fully detail shire/city/council ready drawings and construction documents.

Designer Pro 'PLUS' edition is suited to all types of architectural and inerior designs anywhere in the world. The complete set of software tools and services provided (all at an unparalleled price) make Designer Pro PLUS our most popular choice.


Start Fast and Easy

By remote access (with your permission) we will install, setup and activate your software suite for you. No expertise on your part is required - then relax whilst you watch the step-by-step video instructions for the core modeling software. If you'd rather read then make use of the excellent fully comprehensive printable manuals and you are well on your way...

...You'll be drawing 2D plans and modelling in 3D in minutes - really! Designer Pro is incredibly easy and fast to learn and use.

Get Supported

We give you 30 days free support for your purchase and provide you with the option to get fully supported for the entire year for total peace of mind. CAD International make your experience better, faster and funner®.

Heads Up

If you already have some data for your property you can use this to accelerate your design process. Import site survey or Lot Plan via DXF CAD files or use aerial photos as an underlay. Designer Pro can even convert the lines in a 2D DXF plan to full 3D - No need to completely redraw. And if you receive AutoCAD .DWG files then with Designer Pro 'PLUS' you can use those too.


Begin your design from scratch or by choosing from built-in style templates that range from traditional to contemporary, country to city, complete with colors, cabinets, moldings and more. You can also setup your own template parameters for every unique job. This is professional level software so it's flexible and customisable.

Domestic and Commercial

Whether you're involved in lowrise domestic projects or light commercial enterprise, the Designer Pro 'PLUS' edition provides the tools to get the job done fast. When time is money - Designer Pro will be your best design buddy. You'll be using the fastest building design program on Earth.

Automatic and Manual

Enjoy powerful automated building tools like automatic roof generation, stairs, decks, framing, dimensioning, 3D rendering and more... Or take complete control of every aspect of the software with manual placement and editing of every feature. At the design stage, when you make a change in any view, the entire model is updated at the same time saving you countless hours - Edit in any view and watch the building update in every view.

Space Planning

Maximise the use of a site whilst maintaining a full visual understanding of proportions, access points, overshadowing and environmental impact. Rotate your design and shift individual items or complete projects to make best use of each canvas. You can even ensure your building stays within a specified 3D envelope.

Existing Floor Plans

Need some fresh ideas?. Select from over 1,500 sample plans or use the design wizard to draw the house from scratch by answering a series of questions. Alternatively simply open sample plans and customise to your clients specific needs. Leverage from the work of hundreds of designers without compromising your own artistic input.

Huge Library

Quickly place and arrange walls, windows, doors, cabinets, and architectural objects from a core library of items built-in to the software or choose from an almost inexhaustable online warehouse.

Still can't find what you want? Have us create the items for you or use the 3D content modeling software supplied with Designer Pro 'PLUS' edition to make your own.

Use the Library items to proportion and size your rooms, evaluate traffic flow, and create a visual model of your design.

Estimate and Check

Whilst it doesn't replace a quantity surveyor, Designer Pro automatically generates materials lists for project cost estimating and includes a Plan Check™ tool to automatically validate the design against common building principles.

Every Style

Designer' is not limited to set styles. Create the internal space that you need with the look and feel you know you or your client wants. Unlike the basic retail store 'home user' products that are based on the same core software, with Designer Pro 'PLUS' you are not limited to preset design styles, wall types or materials.

Material Painter™

Point and click to choose from thousands of colours and textures or import your own for walls, floors, bench tops and more! Your design combinations are limited only by your imagination. Changes are instant.

Kitchen Planning Centre

Practicality and style blend seamlessly in a great kitchen. We've gathered the information you need to plan a perfect workspace, plus plenty of examples of kitchens that put those principles to work beautifully.

Design kitchens that will help sell your designs to every culinary expert in the house - it's easy to plan the perfect workspace. in fact Designer Pro is used by professional kitchen and bathroom companies to design and sell kitchens around the globe, every day.

Bathroom Planning Centre

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in the house, but that doesn't mean you can make them an afterthought in the planning process. We'll show you how to make the most of a limited space and explain the features that will add the most to your design.

Plan the layout of your bathrooms with custom cabinets, sinks, showers, jetted tubs etc. It's easy to visualise your ideas in 3D.

Exterior Planning Centre

Your building's exterior is the face of the building displayed to the world. Discover the secrets that other architects and designers have used to create beautiful and easy-to-maintain exteriors by using the built in Exterior Planning Centre. 

Visualisation Tools

Create a virtual walk through of your design by selecting various camera views or create a virtual tour with an AVI movie.

Create Lighting Effects and Shadow Drawings

Change from a day to a night view with a single click. Add lighting fixtures from the library and create dramatic views. Visualise in the day with realistic sun shadows.

Even create automatically generated shadow diagrams and sun studies for any time of the year, anywhere on the planet.

Deck Design Tools

From a simple single level to a multi-level, you can automatically create a deck with the specialized deck tools. Use a post and beam structure, design with or without a railing. Create the exterior shell of the building to visualise your deck design... the options are endless.

Multi-tier Decks

Sloping site? Easy, produce multi level decking to accomodate even the steepest site. Produce realistic images of your exterior projects using a plan layout and the advanced camera tools to produce realistic images you can use to market your projects.

Create Custom Landscaping

Create Plot and Perimeter Plans on flat or hillside lots and automatically generate a 3D model of the actual terrain. Use the Terrain Feature tools to create fences, gardens, driveways, paths, and more. Build a simple landscaping plan by marking the property boundaries and selecting from the landscaping items in the Library. Design in Plan View or a 3D View to create the landscaping that's right for you.

Terrain Tools

Designer Pro has hill and valley tools to help you define your unique terrain features. Use the terrain tools to create pathways, fences, ponds, gardens, and more...


Included in the 'PLUS' edition

Designer Pro 'PLUS' edition is our top-level version.

When you choose the 'PLUS' edition you get:

  1. Home Designer Pro software license
  2. RealCAD LT with AutoCAD DWG file support 
  3. Unlimited sheet size and sheet quantity support plus all the features and benefits of our most professional 2D drafting software
  4. 'Install Assist' to remotely install, setup and activate your software for you
  5. Access to CAD International's exclusive 3D content creation service to help customise your library.
  6. 30 days direct CAD International support.
  7. Bonus library content installed to your machine.
  8. A 3D library content modeller so you can import or create your very own libraries
  9. Pre-Set metric template with wall types and materials typically used outside the USA


Questions & Answers

[Q] We are a large architectural firm, will this software suit all our needs?

[A] Probably not. Designer Pro PLUS is the worlds best solution for low-rise domestic and light commercial design but lacks the more complex file handling for collaborative modeling of multiple designers/drafters all working on the same 3D model at the same time. It also does not support large multi-level buildings such as high-rise developments.


[Q] What is the difference between this software and something like ArchiCAD or Revit?

[A] Designer Pro PLUS is a better and easier solution if your work is for domestic and light commercial buildings of only a few floors and for this it is literally the fastest building design software on Earth. Revit and ArchiCAD are best for large commercial or public buildings and have more features for working on the same project with multiple designers.

Designer Pro PLUS is significantly less expensive as it targets smaller and medium size design firms.
Curiously however Designer Pro PLUS has better 2D drafting tools than either Revit or ArchiCAD as it includes RealCAD LT. 


[Q] What is the difference between Designer Pro PLUS and something like plain AutoCAD or Vectorworks?

[A] There is no comparison - Designer Pro PLUS is much easier and much faster to design with, by a huge factor. It also has significantly superior features for architectural design than programs like AutoCAD. Vanilla AutoCAD or Vectorworks simply don't include the intelligent BIM features of Designer Pro PLUS. Designer is also considerably more affordable.


[Q] Can I install Designer Pro PLUS in multiple computers?

[A] Designer Pro PLUS can be installed on as many computers as you wish, but you can only be 'active' on one machine at a time. To switch from one computer to another, you must deactivate your Designer Pro license and reactivate it on the other machine. To do this you need an internet connection.


[Q] What is included in the 'PLUS' edition?

[A] Designer Pro 'PLUS' edition is our top-level version. When you choose the 'PLUS' edition you get:

  1. Home Designer Pro software
  2. RealCAD LT with AutoCAD DWG file support and 
  3. Unlimited sheet size and sheet quantity support as well as all the other benefits of our most professional 2D drafting software, RealCAD.
  4. 'Install Assist' to remotely install, setup and activate your software for you
  5. A $500 discount voucher (valid for 12 months) for an additional license of the 2D drafting software.
  6. Access to CAD International's exclusive 3D content creation service to customise your library.
  7. 30 days direct CAD International support.
  8. Bonus library content installed to your machine.
  9. A 3D library content modeller so you can import or create your very own libraries
  10. Pre-Set metric template with wall types and materials typically used outside the US

Full yearly Support Subscription is also available as an option at a very reasonable price. You can buy this online at the checkout if desired.

[Q] This all seems very innexpensive compared to other products I have looked at. Why? What's the catch? What is missing? Sorry for my sceptisism but I want to be sure I am making the right choice. 

[A] You are right, the software and services we provide are extremely affordable and contrast with other much more expensive architectural CAD software on the market. The difference is that this software is limited to buildings of up to 4 levels and its rendering for photorealistic images is not quite as good as one or two of the more expensive products.

The price has been engineered by our marketing guys to appeal to smaller companies and even to individual operators with more restricted budgets. After you have used this software for some time your needs may grow, and if they do we can then assist you in seemlessly upgrading to a more expensive option without the floor number restrictions and with enhanced rendering etc, but for 95% of clients Designer Pro PLUS with its mix of high speed 3D design tools, superior 2D drafting tools, library content modeling tools and affordable price is a stand-out choice. I am sure you will be delighted with it.


[Q] From the look of it in the demo this software looks similar to the Chief Architect software I have seen, is there a connection?

[A] Yes, Chief Architect Inc. are responsible for the main architectural modelling software in this suite, for this reason the workings and interface of this part are almost the same. Designer Pro PLUS adds to this enhanced 2D drafting tools of RealCAD LT, a 3D library content modeller so you can add your own library items, international metric template, and expert non-USA based support options whilst keeping the purchase price extremely affordable and attarctive. The full Chief Architect product is available direct from Chief Architect Inc but not sold or supported by resellers outside of the USA.  

Note and Disclaimer:

Designer Pro PLUS is a software bundle by CAD International comprising, in part, of software developed by CAD International (Australia) and Chief Architect LLC (USA). Users opting to source and purchase bundled products or services separately and independently of CAD International should confirm support options. CAD International does not represent nor claim to represent Chief Architect LLC. Chief Architect LLC do not represent CAD Australia Pty Limited (trading as CAD International) Users may upgrade the Home Designer Pro software directly with Chief Architect LLC or engage CAD International to provide an upgrade and support service on their behalf. Users who purchase Chief Architect products from Chief Architect LLC USA may also request additional support services from CAD International. RealCAD is a product developed by CAD International (a CAD Australia Pty Ltd business) RealCAD forms an integral part of the Designer Pro PLUS bundle.

Support and Training

Expert Support

In a recent marketing study we found that one of the core reasons Designers and Architects choose Designer Pro as their preferred design tool is the excellent support and ease of learning. We are very proud of our reputation and go the extra mile to ensure you get the best value from your purchase. Support is fast efficient and affordable.

Online Training Courses

The free online training materials will have you using your design and 3D modelling software immediately, but to get the most from the 2D detailing and documentation side of your software bundle enrol in our clear, concise and easy to understand CAD Level 1 and 2 certificate online training courses.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8 or 7
  • OSX 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • 2.4 GHz processor, or greater.
  • At least 5 GB of available hard disk space.
  • 4GB of RAM or greater.
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel.
  • A dedicated video card, AMD or NVidia that supports OpenGL 2.0 and has 1GB or greater.
  • A computer that has high speed internet access for updates, library downloads and license activation or deactivation. (You do not need to have internet access to actually operate the software once it has been activated)

Running Windows on your Mac?

Parallels not supported. Bootcamp or running the Mac native version of Designer Pro PLUS are the preferred options.

Basic Support Subscription

Basic Support Subscription

Subscribe now and get fully supported with your CAD software....  More...

$ 495
CAD Level 1 Online Training

CAD Level 1 Online Training

Absolute Beginners Guide to CAD. A most excellent CAD training course for all designers and drafters. Accelerate your CAD knowledge - learn CAD fast....  More...

$ 299


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