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LiveSync for Revit - Out Now for Lumion 7.3

Posted by The CAD Team on 20/03/2017

Make changes in Revit and immediately see them appear live in Lumion.

Lumion LiveSync provides a real-time high quality 3D view of your Revit design. This plugin for Revit creates a live connection with Lumion, so that changes in Revit can be previewed in real-time in Lumion.

Lumion LiveSync in action

Live synchronization can help you work faster, for example in the early stages of design, when you are making frequent adjustments to your Revit model.

Lumion 7.3 is a FREE update for Lumion 7 users and the Lumion plugin 2.0 for Revit is FREE of charge to anyone.

How does it work?

  • You need Lumion 7.3
  • Download the Lumion Plugin 2.0 for Revit here

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between LiveSync and exporting?

Exporter LiveSync
Design changes in Revit update Live in Lumion   
Design changes in Revit require exporting/reloading before they show up in Lumion 
Edit materials in Lumion 
Automatically apply glass material  
Exports Bump Mapping  
Build mode     
Add objects (trees, plants, cars, people) 
Add Water 
Edit Landscape 
Change Weather Conditions 
Add lights, change sun position 
Movie mode     
Apply effects 
Render videos 

Is the Plugin available for Lumion and Lumion Pro?

Yes, LiveSync and exporting files works with both Lumion and Lumion Pro.

Can I use the Lumion material editor on a Livesync object?

Livesync uses the material settings from Revit. If you want to use the material editor in Lumion you need to export your model and import it into Lumion.

Which materials are supported?

The exporter and LiveSync exports the following materials: Ceramic, Concrete, Generic, Glazing, Masonry, Metal, Metallic Paint, Mirror, Plastic, Solid Glass, Stone, Wall Paint, Water and Wood.

The following properties are converted:

  • Exporter: Color and Color Texture
  • LiveSync: Color, Tint Color, Color Texture, Color Texture Brightness, Bump Texture, Bump Texture Brightness and Automatically Convert Glass

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