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Flamingo nXt 5 Released

Posted by Celine on 21/02/2016

Flamingo nXt 5 has been released. This release integrates Flamingo with the built-in Rhino Rendering interface RDK.

This new version is a free upgrade for existing Flamingo nXt owners. Contact us for more details

What is new or improved in this version?

  • Integrate Flamingo with the Rhino rendering framework (RDK)
  • Better real-time simulation in the viewport (Rendered view)
  • Drag & Drop materials integrated with Rhino
  • Supports Rhino mesh modifiers
    • Curve Piping
    • Render Displacement
    • Edge Softening
    • Shut Lining
  • Removed duplicate interface elements between Flamingo and Rhino
    • Use the built-in Rhino texture mapping tools
    • Direct integration with native Rhino material libraries
    • Familiar Flamingo material editor panels within the Rhino material editor
    • Supports multiple environments
  • New "Hybrid" render engine combines features of both the existing default and pathtracer engines. Previously the rendering artifacts left by the default renderer were severe shadows and effects early in a rendering. The Pathtracer was slower, but had fewer artifacts. The new Hybrid engine tries to strike a compromise between these two.
  • FlamingoRT - an experimental, modeless render preview window. The RT window is constantly rendering as the model updates. Works in a low priority worker thread and updates when the referenced view is idle.


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