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Rhino Projects through history

Posted by dani on 19/01/2011

Rhino is a stand-alone, commercial NURBS-based 3D modeling tool and is commonly used for industrial design, architecture design, marine design, jewelry design, automotive design, CAD/CAM design, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering as well as the multimedia and graphic design industries.

Rhino specializes in free-form non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) modeling. Plug-ins include Flamingo (raytrace rendering), Penguin (non-photorealistic rendering), Bongo, and Brazil (advanced rendering). Over 100 third-party plugins are also available. There are also rendering plug-ins for Maxwell Render, V-ray and many other engines. Additional plugins for CAM and CNC milling are available as well, allowing for toolpath generation directly in Rhino.

Since the first public beta program back in January 1994, Rhino has become one of the world most-well known CAD programs for a huge variety of purposes.

The list below are just a few examples of models that were designer with the help of Rhino.

You can also purchase Rhino and Rhino plugins here.

Rhino SC-Tetra


Rhino is a great help to evaluate the performance of product design. Here's an animation of the car passing through walls of plastic bubbles at 80 mph, which reveals complicated slipstream patterns behind the body. The simulation was performed on commercial CAE software SC/Tetra using the 3D model data created in Rhinoceros.

HP iPAQ Case
Version 3 includes phone and camera
June 2003

Rhino HP iPac Case
Rhino Primative by SA Dorman


Psilomelane stone and 22K & 18K Gold
Computer Generated Filament Necklace

Senninha Top Action by Grendene

Grendene Calçados S/A
Division Development Products

Rhino Senninha Top-Action
Rhino Lexus Concept Car

Lexus Concept Car for the movie Minority Report

Modeling by Paul Ozzimo

(front to back view)

Virgo MRI by Millenium Technologies

"Rhino has been a great help in visualizing our product as we are somewhat limited in the way we can prototype due to the size. -about the size of a small car. The casing were manufactured directly from the Rhino surfaces." Robert Johnston, Industrial Designer

Rhino MRI design
Rhino Virtual Showroom
SiS Virtual Showroom for Computex 2002

Gran Finale
LOA: 147’
Beam: 26’-8”
Draft: 6’-8”

Styled by:
Espinosa Inc., Stewart, FL

Molds by:
Janicki Machine, Sedro-Woolley, WA

Engineered and built by:
Delta Marine, Seattle, WA

Yatch Modelled in Rhino
Rhino New Holland Combine CX Controls

New Holland Combine CX controls

The New Holland Combine CX -who has won the "Combine of the Year award"- contains "packaging & interior trim" products that were originally designed in Rhino by EIA Electronics.

In the book, Behind the Mask of Spider-man: The Secrets of the Movie, learn how Rhino was used to develop many of the props for the movie, Spider-man®.

For details on how Paul Ozzimo modeled the Green Goblin's glider and the Pumpkin Bombs, see pages 115 and 143.

Rhino Spiderman Green Goblin Glider
Dam modelled in Rhino

Douw Steyn Multiple Arch Dam

A dam for Shambala Farm, a private South African game reserve. The dam is comprised of 5 arches, 20m maximal height, 377m long. The dam wall volume is 14,200 m3, the impounded volume is 1.56 million m3, and surface area 29 ha. It was built in only 6 months, with construction finishing mid December 2001.

Designers: Altus de Beer and Rossen Petrov of Reonet Pty Ltd. (part of NETGroup)

 Designer: Gerhard Steinle,
Prisma Design International, Inc.

Video entertainment center for the Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Rhino Entertainment System for Mercedes Benz M-Class
Rhino Lexmark i3

Lexmark i3 Color printer

This new 2400 x 1200 dots-per-inch printer connects to your PC or TV set top box.

Super Mini Mouse

Designer: Super (Cha0-Jen) Wang,
Jess-Link Products Co., LTD.

Small enough to use right on the palm rest of most notebook computers.

Rhino Super Mini Mouse
Rhino Renault Engine

Renault Sport
Designer: Kosaka Toru

Promotional images and animations based on 3-D Rhino models.

GT1 Series Loudspeakers
 By Design e

 The GT1 Series Loudspeakers are about as far removed from the mass produced Hi-Fi market as it is possible to be, combining superb sonic performance with stunning sculptural forms.

Design e used Rhino for the surface modelling and will continue to utilise this impressive package for future designs

Rhino GT1 Series Loudspeakers
Rhino Nokia 5510

Nokia 5510
Designer: Totti Helin

Surface design and styling in Rhino. Product engneering in Pro/E.

Pocket watch

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2001

A photograph shows the watch in a switched-on condition. Actually, the watch does have that appearance when both the upper and lower shells are simultaneously in contact with the skin. Upon contact with only one face, the display is switched off (can be worn as an amulet); it remains also switched off when in contact with other materials (e.g. fabrics).

Rhino Pocket Watch
Rhino Snow Hawk



Aimed at the 16-40 year old who seeks a new, exciting and physically demanding sport. Driving a Snow Hawk™ feels like a cross between a dirt-bike and a jet ski. Supple, agile, and lightweight.

Body parts were modeled in Rhino by Instadesign based on a design ofJérôme Foy Design. The initial shape comes from a full-scale scanned clay model. Surfaces were then created in Rhino including all assembly details for high quality fit and finish as well as molding requirements. The Rhino files were sent directly to milling for production tooling.


The Turin design studio 3search, presents a 1:4 scale model of theNURB; a performance sports coupé (4390 mm long, 1940 mm wide, 2820 mm wheelbase). The car is design to take a V12 engine at the rear under a transparent polycarbonate lid with the cabin pushed well forward. Door mirrors and handles have been eliminated in favour of videocams and fingerprint scannersthat make for a cleaner line and a better drag coefficient.

Rhino Climbing Helmet Elios


Elios, climbing helmet by Petzl, designed by Inconito

Elios is a new climbing helmet, designed in Rhino by Inconito and engineered in Pro/E at Petzl.

Inconito is a new design company based on chedal anglay design which was started in 1991. They create all their designs in Rhino in many fields such as electrical-cooking, mountaineering, toys, snowboarding, ski, etc.


"In the highly competitive world of sport optics Smith Sports Optics is supreme. Smith teamed up with Metropolis Design to provide innovative design and amazing prototypes for their ski goggles.

Rhino is a great tool for a firm like Metropolis Design that is constantly working on a variety of projects. It allows us to meet deadlines and produce a quality product for our clients."

Frank Algarin, Metropolis Design

Rhino Sports Optic
Rhino Electrolux Washing Machine


TOP8s washing machine by Electrolux/Brazil

"This was the first project in which Rhino was used for surface modeling. It was introduced at this stage because of its excellent relationship between cost and benefit.

The software is easy to learn and use, and your requirements of hardware are very small when compared to other similar software applications." said Herman Zonis, Industrial Designer, and Rhino user since the first version.


The Blackout by Kershaw Knife Co.

Engineering Design Consultants, Ltd., a Portland-based engineering and design firm, was able to come up with the conception, design and production parts in record time using Rhino. This knife is already a sales sensation and was recently honored as The Blade Magazine's 1999 Best Buy.

Rhino Knives
Rhino Touch Computer


EDC's 'N Touch concept computer

Engineering Design Consultants, Ltd., in conjunction with Intel, chose Rhino to design and develop their 'N Touch and 'N Touch II concept computers. The 'N Touch and 'N Touch II function simultaneously as all-in-one wireless Internet connections, viewing stations, laptop computers and desktop PC's.



Barcelona's Federico Fargas Texidó's latest project is the Cricursa booth for Batimat 2001, Europe's most important construction exhibition.

Cricursa makes curved glass for important buildings worldwide. They made the curved glass for the Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project in Seattle and many other stunning architectural designs.

Rhino Fargas
Rhino Adidas Palestra

adidas Palestra
Soccer shoe developed especially for women.

At adidas, Rhino is used in various aspects of product development, from construction of the initial prototype, through revising data for the manufacturing, to rendering pictures for presenting the design concept.

Kestrel’s Talon bicycle
Manufacturing efficiency, faster development, striking visual effect.

Talon is a new family of Kestrel bicycle frames developed byIDE Inc. using Rhino 3D. Doug Jones headed up this project, establishing the modeling methodology and developing four of the five frames. Doug was assisted by Jon Moriconi on the fifth frame.

Rhino Talon Bicycle
Rhino Philips Cardio vascular machine

Philips Integris Allura

Since its introduction in December 2000, Philips Integris Allura has become the new worldwide standard for cardio-vascular imaging. The design is based on an innovative mechanical solution, created by Philips Design and Philips Medical Systems, is open and accessible for both patient and operators - while retaining its predecessor's range of movement. Integris Allura has won several awards including a 2001 IF award for good industrial design.

The Integris Allura system was Philips Design's first project using Rhino.Philips Design chose Rhino to replace two other, more expensive, CAD systems because it is easier to use, faster, runs on a desktop PC, and delivers functions that other surface modelers lack.

Ford Prodigy Tooling

"Rhino was used to design, develop and make the surface data required to build the Ford Prodigy carbon fiber hood and deck lid. Rhino was also used on other projects for Aston Martin, Ford, and Viper. Rhino is a fantastic package."

Cameron Dempster Multimatic Inc.

Rhino Ford Prodigy
Rhino Saleen S7 Car

2001 Saleen S7
The first true American supercar is designed to compete with the fastest, quickest, best handling, most luxurious grand touring cars in the world, while providing a distinctly American driving experience.

Saleen design consultant, Phil Frank is the first designer to use Rhino's full potential in the exterior development of a true production car.

New Ford Dealership Signs

"When Ford was looking for a new image to replace the sign they've had since the 1960s, they asked us to submit some concepts. Mine was chosen. It was entirely created with Rhino. The details were hammered out over the next three months, with a lot of input from Steve Gillespie at Ford and Tom Fry at Zimmerman. Almost daily design modifications were made with Rhino, rendered in MAX and e-mailed to Detroit for approval. The design was finally finished and approved by the guys at Ford and my data was sent to Pro/E for the actual production models. A real 130 square ft. prototype was built and installed in Las Vegas in May. It was a big hit and now the Zimmerman factories are gearing up for production of thousands of these signs. Eventually, every Ford sign in the world will be replaced with one of these new ones. This really couldn't have happened without Rhinoceros."

Hank Gatewood, the 3-D visualization guy
 at Zimmerman Sign Company

Rhino Ford Dealership Signs
Stapler modeled in Rhino

Gonzales Stapler DesignPeter Naumann

Speedy and Gonzales: the latest hot numbers from Koziol.

Gonzales may be a mouthful, but at least he's always smiling - and sporting a transparent, high-tech design. He sticks his neck out for anyone who prefers staple goods to getting caught up in sticky business.

Chichester Scow
"I couldn't be more satisfied with the realization of the designs I create in Rhino! I wonder if you realize what creativity you have unleashed around the world since you created Rhino!"

Justin Adams Flight Marine Limited

Rhino Scow
Rhino Airfoil Bike

Kestrel’s KM40 Airfoil bicycle


Aerodynamic, lightweight, one-piece, carbon fiber with low-wind-resistance airfoils.

Silver winner of 2000 Industrial Design Excellence Award

Design by IDE Inc.


Kestrel’s airfoil bicycle fork

An airfoil triathlon bicycle fork, designed almost totally in Rhino by Tem Kuechle, IDE industrial designer. The entire form was developed directly in Rhino, wind tunnel tested by Kestrel from a CNC model made from the Rhino model, and finally imported into Pro Engineer for Kestrel's tool maker to manufacture the production tooling.

The entire design in Rhino took only six days including the CNC model!

Design by Tem Kuechle, IDE Inc.

Rhino Bike Fork
Rhino Ora Squashed

Ora Squared by Bathsheba Grossman

Digital Sculpture in bronze and silver designed in Rhino, rapid prototyped, and then cast into bronze and silver using the lost-wax process.

Visit Bathsheba's online gallery.

Toaster for Target

One of hundreds of products by
Michael Graves Design for Target designed in Rhino.

Mostly known for his architectural designs including the Disney headquarters and the World Swan and Dolphin Hotels in Orlando, Michael Graves has also designed products for Alessi, F.A.O. Schwartz. and Steuben.

Rhino Toaster for Target
Rhino Human Knees

Human knees by Matthew G. Bevan, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Built from cross-sections from The Visible Human Project®. The cross-sections were downloaded from a web site in Switzerland.

Slices were digitized by hand. The surfaces were then lofted or patched.

Electric Fish for neuroethology

Casts using a silicone rubber mold and urethane were marked up with 15 cross-sectional curves. These curves and the dorsal and ventral edges of the fish were used to generate the model in Rhino.

For details visit: Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2000), MacIver, M.A., and Nelson, M.E.

Rhino Electric Fish
Rhino Crowley Tug

Crowley Tug
Length: 360’
Breadth: 78’
Draft: 12’
Power: 4,000 hp

Designed by:
Guido Perla & Associates, Inc.
Naval Architects, Seattle, WA

Toaster A new inexpensive and attractive metaloplastic toaster with bun warmer for Groupe SEB (France) represented worldwide by different brands:
TEFAL/T-FAL (worldwide), SEB (France and Japan), ARNO (South America), CALOR (France),
ROWENTA (worldwide)

Designed by:

Rhino Toaster
Rhino Vitro Laser

Vitro Laser GmbH


Provides both the technology and the service to subsurface engrave Rhino models using laser marking technology.

The service is inexpensive. Give it a try.


The NOMAD MP3 Jukebox by Creative Labs

IDE used Rhino to develop and
refine the industrial design and used Pro Engineer to complete the engineering.

Rhino Nomad mp3 Jukebox
Rhino Roadrails

Roadrails are ultra-light inline racing frames for competition on road or track. They were designed for professional inline skaters, but may also appeal to fitness skaters who prefer racing equipment.

Allegro Field PC

Juniper Systems specializes in providing field computing solutions and GPS for natural resource and other rugged applications.

Their field computers are rugged and waterproof for use in any harsh environment.

Rhino Allegro Field PC
Rhino Trawler Yatch

A series of 75 Ft. Trawler Yachts in steel is being built by Pictou Industries in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada, for Cape Horn Trawler Corporation in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada.

The hull file from Fastship imported effortlessly into Rhino through IGES. A complete model was built with Rhino, developing and expanding the many complex lofted and sculpted surface. The export of 2-D drawings to AutoCAD was used extensively.


This new line of mid-sized buses was designed for tour operators on the tight roads in the mountains of the Italian Riviera.

Designed and developed in less than six months using SDRC I-DEAS and Rhino.

Rhino Europa Bus
Rhino Montrail Footwear

Montrail's New Integrafit Footwear

An innovative line of outdoor footwear combines a digital database of scanned foot dimensions with biomechanical research.

Design by Montrail. Modeling in Rhino by Frank Woll.

Fury Swim Goggles

Designer entirely in Rhino. See the add Fitness Swimmer with the Rhino rendering. "Rhino saved us a load of cash on this project" Paul Reeder, President ZURA Sports, Inc

Rhino Swim Goggles
Rhino Intel Aztec

Intel's Aztec

To design Intel's Aztec computer, Ziba Design was able to fit 30 working parts into a small but pleasing package using AutoCAD, Rhino, and Pro/E



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