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CAD Training

CAD International is proud to offer the best and most affordable online CAD Training courses for your most loved CAD software.

For as little as $199 you can learn to use CAD... all from the comfort of your own PC.

Don't miss this opportunity and visit our CAD Training section!.


  • "Hello, Please find attached the completed projects for assesment. I found the video tutorials and exercises very informative."
    Joseph Nicholls, Park Lane
  • "Hi! ,I really enjoyed the course and found it really well suited for someone like myself to follow, can't wait to do the rest! I only started yesterday and i'm done! Granted, i didn't do anything else for the weekend, but i really enjoyed it! Thanks."
    Joel Barnett, InStyle
  • "The online training course is great. The instructors are very clear and concise with everything so it’s easy to understand and mimic when I attempt it. I must admit it can be a bit much to remember it all but I think I just need to use it and the many functions more often!"
    Tristan Brunell, Megadeck Australia Pty Ltd
  • "I haven't finished level one yet due to time restraints but thank you for following up. I intend to complete the course and think the online course is excellent."
    Phillip Russell, Amenity Consultants
  • "I LOVE the training, it is really good, useful, helpful, the excersises are fantastic, the tempo is right, it assumes no knowlege (as it should). without being at all condescending. I just need longer days or bad weather. Better, faster, funner described it well. I wish i could apply it to ather aspects of training in other disciplines.
    Anne Waterhouse, Designer


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