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CAD Software for Students, Educators,
Schools, Colleges and Universities

Over the past 20+ years we've gained a great appreciation for the needs and requirements of teachers and students alike.

Be sure to advise our consultants of the desired outcomes for your CAD software so we can recommend the correct product or products for your students' needs - We know what works. In some situations a general purpose product will serve you best whilst at other times a specialised program tailored to industry specific needs is required. Let CAD International draw upon its knowledge to recommend the best solution in your situation.

Whilst many products can be self-taught, we have key training for teachers and students for all our software products. Choose from structured online training courses or expert face to face training from affiliates all-over the world. As an example take a quick look at our CAD International Certificate online training courses using RealCAD, one of our most popular CAD products.

You can't be expected to know everything about every product - that's where we come in. If the system fails and renders your class inoperable you need to know technical assistance is available fast. If your students want to know how to achieve a certain result and you don't know how, we probably do and can assist.

Educational licenses are typically available for individual students, labs/classrooms or entire sites/campus's.

Some software for education is FREE whilst others are provided at a nominal rate, often no more than the cost of a single commercial license for an entire campus or lab. Whilst much of the CAD software is available in English, we also have CAD software available in Spanish and other languages.

CAD Software for Students

Educational Licenses for Students is generally a full-featured commercial license at a special price for a single student. It is usually applicable to full-time students, faculty teachers, instructors and professors.

We currently offer Student Licenses of RealCAD, LANDWorksCAD, IronCAD, Rhino Complete, Rhino 3D, Lumion, Flamingo, V-Ray, Penguin, Bongo, Brazil, StrucPLUS, Piranesi and Inovate.


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