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Why We Think IronCAD Is Better

With conventional MCAD Software, the user creates a model by sketching 2D profiles and then changing these features into a 3D shape with the use of a command like Extrude, Sweep, Revolve etc. This method, while useful in some situations, is very slow and tedious in most and dramatically slows down design and or creation of models.

With IronCAD, while this 2D to 3D method is available, the user can create models directly in 3D using the drag n drop method. IronCAD utilises infinitely customisable catalogs to provide the user with pre-created, Push-Pull editable shapes which also include their opposites as cuts. This method definitely has to be seen to understand its power and advantage in comparison to conventional MCAD Software.

A simple example of this would be dropping a block into the scene and then dropping a hexagonal cut onto the center point of the block. This would take about 10 seconds and the user would have a rectangular prism with a perfectly centred hexagon hole through the centre of it. The sizes of both the hexagon and then rectangle can then be pushed or pulled parametrically to get each object to the exact size desired in about another 10 seconds.

Another major advantage IronCAD has is the ability easily build and manipulate parts in assemblies. Parts and assemblies are the same file (a Scene) in IronCAD which means assemblies of multiple parts can be generated quickly and easily in the same window with no excess saving and importing like in most MCAD programs. The parts can then be saved individually if they are to be used in other scenes or they can even be added to a custom catalog and then drag 'n' dropped into any model. Even assemblies can be saved to a Catalog!

This method also dramatically speeds up design and creation.

By utilising methods like these and many others (like the amazing TriBall) IronCAD creates huge improvements in productivity and in our opinion a much, much better product than the other products currently out there. We don't take CAD Software recommendations lightly. We choose our products after extensive research and only continue to sell them if we believe they are the best software available for their uses.



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