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IronCAD for Product/Industrial Design


In the Design industry especially Product and Industrial Design, the speed at which 3D models and prototypes can be created is extremely important. The faster a designer can model a product, the more time they have to customise and perfect their design. If you’re an employer, you want your designers to spend more time thinking about what will make the product better than time on figuring out how to emulate these designs in a program.


In most similar software to IronCAD, a key part of every model is extruding sketches to create or remove material which in turn creates 3D shapes. This can be very time consuming for the user and in our opinion is a waste of time.


In IronCAD, although the option to sketch and extrude is available, you also have another option unique to IronCAD. The drag and drop option. Essentially, this works by dragging pre-created 3D shapes into the model area. After being dragged in they can be edited parametrically and can also be snapped to existing geometry in the model area. Note: IronCAD comes with many pre-created models but the user can also save as many as they want, not only parts but assemblies as well.


By eliminating the majority of this sketching and extruding IronCAD dramatically speeds up the creation of models, therefore speeding up the design process.


Another reason this approach is so good for Product and Industrial Design is that it gives the designer a better sense of interaction with their product. Designing already in 3D helps to provide a sense of shape while the designer is working, this makes the design process much simpler and more intuitive for the designer. As you can imagine this is also very good for designing as you go.


This also vastly changes the speed at which designs can be edited. In most similar software the user would have to decide on what to change, then go back into the sketch and edit the desired parts, then re-extrude it basically crossing their fingers that it will be what they were imagining and also won’t bring up any errors in the model. This can be a very frustrating approach once you have experienced the ease and power of IronCAD.


In IronCAD, because the majority of the objects are created in 3D, you then edit them in 3D, eliminating most of the time spent in 2D sketching and extruding/cutting. Editing models in 3D allows the user focus more on the model being edited and less on how to edit the model in 2D to then get the effect they want in 3D. In Innovative part mode, objects can intersect other objects with all objects updating when one is edited. This is a large advantage over other software because the user receives fewer errors when editing the model and is provided with the desired result faster and easier. Structured mode (like in most similar software) is available if needed but the Innovative mode is much better for most design purposes.


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