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DWG Viewer, DWG File, DWG reader, DWG Viewer freeware.

This article discusses the DWG file format used by CAD users and developers. CAD Viewer software, DWG reader software and Free DWG Viewer software are also noted.

DWG is an abbreviation for the term Drawing (DraWinG). It has been used as a written abbreviation to describe technical drawings since the industrial revolution when copious hand drafted drawings were produced for the production of mechanical manufacturing and architectural building. Other Abbreviation terms also were used to describe drawings such as DRG, DWNG, DNG and DGN.

In the world of PC computing a three letter appendage (extension) that follows a period mark (full stop) is used to help software operating systems differentiate one file type from another. For instance a text document designed to contain the basic writing of words will end in .TXT whilst a file designed to show the same information in a portable, viewable and edit restricting file format may have a .PDF extension. Whilst visually viewing both files may look the same, they are completely different internally.

By having this extension on a file, the operating system can associate the file type with a particular computer program or application, aiding the speed and interpretation of the file by the software that will operate it.

There are files that work independently of associated applications, these are the applications themselves and are often appended with the abbreviation .EXE.

The changing of the file name extension from one abbreviation to another isn’t in and of itself a method to change the data contained in that file. It is not possible for instance to simply change a .DGN file to a .DWG file by just editing its name. The operating system may ‘see’ the changed file as associated to a different software application but that file will not open in the application unless the correct data is contained in the file itself. It would be like expecting an American to understand the language of a Japanese citizen just because the Japanese person was wearing a T-Shirt sporting the American flag!

In the CAD world the DWG file format is associated to files produced natively by several CAD software programs including AutoCAD by Autodesk and IntelliCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD and by almost all other CAD software such as RealCAD, Vectorworks, Microstation, Chief Architect, TurboCAD and many more.

DWG is a file format used for storing two and three dimensional data and metadata. (.bak) dot BAK, dot DWS and dot DWT as well as dot SV$ formats are also DWG format files saved with different extensions and used for slightly differing reasons such as backup files or drawing template files.

Most people who are inquiring about DWG are doing so in order to find software that either creates a DWG file or they are looking for a DWG viewer / DWG reader or converter. There are both paid and freeware DWG Viewer software products available on the market. Some use the native DWG file format licensed by Autodesk whilst others use DWG libraries that have been licensed or obtained by alternative sources.

The best DWG Viewer (DWG Reader) or DWG Converter for you will depend on your needs. These are the possibilities:

  1. View (read) a DWG file only
  2. View and print a DWG file
  3. View, print, mark-up, and save the DWG file with the mark-up annotations
  4. View, print, mark-up, measure, and save
  5. View, print, mark-up, measure, edit the actual drawing and save a DWG file
  6. View, print, mark-up, measure, edit, save and convert a DWG file from one DWG version to another DWG version
  7. Any above with the ability to convert a DWG file to a different file format

When you have established what you need you can then decide which DWG Viewer software to purchase. Contact CAD International for a complete list of options or to download free or free trial software.

DWG Viewer, DWG File, DWG reader, DWG Viewer freeware, DWG converter

What is TrustedDWG? Developed by Autodesk, and still the base format for AutoCAD® software and AutoCAD-based products, TrustedDWG is the term given to the current DWG file format used in AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products. 

 AutoCAD® 2010, AutoCAD® 2011, and AutoCAD® 2012 software include TrustedDWG functionality (latest DWG file format with file source checker built in) Users can opt to receive notification when the DWG file they are opening was saved using an application that was not created by an Autodesk product or RealDWG™ software licensee. The alert system identifies files that Autodesk may not be able to support and lets users know that Autodesk cannot guarantee the integrity or compatibility of that DWG file with AutoCAD or any other Autodesk application. TrustedDWG does not repair defects or identify or correct integrity or compatibility concerns that may exist in the file, but it enables AutoCAD users to choose whether or not to use DWG files that were not last saved by an Autodesk or RealDWG licensee product. Users may disable the TrustedDWG notification by checking the box identified for that purpose.




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