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AutoCAD Training Online

CAD has radically changed the way professional design is translated into real life objects. It is now expected that all drawings describing design work to be manufactured or built will be created using some type of CAD software. Paper drawings are no longer acceptable and it is assumed that drawings will be supplied electronically as well as on paper. 

The bottom line is this, if you don't know how to use some form of CAD software you will not be able to communicate professionally with designers and those who create from those designs. Your job prospects will be severely limited and if you are in uppper management you will not be able to understand what your drafters or design teams are doing.

If you are working, or intend to work, in the Architecture, engineering, manufacturing or construction industry, you need to be able to produce CAD based drawings. Learning CAD may be one of the best investments you will ever make adding significantly to your arsenal of knowledge. Knowing CAD will open opportunities in work places around the globe and give you the freedom to elevate yourself into an exciting and creative world beyond the humble pencil.

CAD International offer the leading AutoCAD online training courses. These courses allow you to progress at your own pace and revisit course material or even extend the amount of time you take to complete a course. Thousands of designers and drafters have successfully completed our CAD Online certificate courses and are now using that knowlege to be productive in their careers. The courses are designed and presented by professionals of both design industries and of training so the material is relevant and tangible. They are users of the software with full acedemic credentials and an understanding of effective teaching principles.

The online courses vary in length and are all divided into bite sized peices that you can digest and absorb easily. All the courses are guided so that you can see exactly what to do and can duplicate the actions on your own computer in the comfort of your home or office.

As one of the longest standing CAD organisations in the world, we know what works when teaching CAD. Use our expertise to your advantage. Most students report back to us saying that the training was a lot of fun and that they were surprised at how easily they were able to understand and use the software. 

There are currently two streams of CAD training on offer - One for learning CAD in general using the easiest and fastest CAD software, RealCAD; The other is specifically for those who need to learn the worlds most common CAD software AutoCAD. We have also found that those who are using BricsCAD can use our AutoCAD training most effectively.

You will be able to complete the coures material without needing to purchase the CAD software.

Although user interfaces in modern CAD programs are very intuitive, learning to use CAD is not a trivial exercise; it is not difficult, but you must allocate sufficient time to get up to speed.  Producing CAD drawings using CAD software is certainly not as simple as using Microsoft Word and yet our courses will have you producing drawings in  avery short space of time.

Our CAD courses are equally as relevant for surveying as they are for landscape architecturemechanical engineeringarchitectureelectrical engineeringboatbuilding, or even product design. What you will learn in the courses will assist you in any area of design.

Finally, You could spend hours talking about learning CAD and researching which CAD course to enrol in OR you could take our advise and in the words of Nike "Just Do It". Enrol as soon as you can and just start the course. You'll be amased at how much you learn and how much enjoyment you will get from completing one of the courses.

Learn CAD fast and easy like thousands of designers and drafters who have gone before you. Welcome to the world of CAD.

CAD Training for Students

Today, many students are required to learn CAD on their own as part of their course. Many try to learn AutoCAD by simply launching into a drawing and trying to use the help functions within the program or using a web search engine to look for answers. This may work for simple software but AutoCAD is powerful and complex. You might spend hours trying to accomplish a particular task, when the software already contains a simple routine for this, that you just did not know about.

By comparison, a structured course can reduce your learning time to 1/10th of the time it takes you to learn on your own, plus a structured course will teach you all the “right habits” making your skills more complete and making your use of the software more enjoyable.

Thankfully CAD International provides comprehensive, self paced courses that can used in conjunction with your normal class notes to give you a thorough grounding in AutoCAD. Thousands of students world-wide have experienced the benefits of the CAD International training system and now you can too. 

So if your course is not giving you the right CAD skills, stop struggling alone. Every online purchase comes with free email support. Get a competitive advantage.

CAD Training for Teachers

Stop spending all your time teaching CAD commands, spend your time instead on helping students achieve their learning outcomes.

CAD systems today are becoming so sophisticated that it takes a great deal of time to comprehensively cover a package and stay up to date with the latest software. However, with multimedia courseware a teacher can now be liberated from this process.

Developed by academics to manage their large student cohorts, Introduction to AutoCAD is a comprehensive multimedia teaching aid, which will take students step-by-step through the commands of AutoCAD2006, 2007 or 2008. Each lesson has an associated drawing file which students use to reinforce the animated instructions on screen.

If you are currently using courseware or other pre-prepared notes or work books, put them aside and consider netLearn’s solution instead. It can be deployed on your server or distributed on CDROM’s that require no installation, even on lab computers. Your system administrator will love it.

At many Universities and Technical colleges around the world,  this courseware has changed the way CAD is taught. Instead of spending most of their time explaining commands teachers are now able to spend quality time with each student and focus on their learning outcomes

CAD for Professionals

The Challenge of AutoCAD training in your business

As business and individuals continue to acquire this newer and more sophisticated computer software, there is a constant need for training and retraining. The high levels of skills needed to operate some of these applications also compounds the problem of training, for many corporate and educational institutions lack the expertise or time to offer up-to-date training, choosing instead, to use expensive outsourcing solutions or to not offer training at all. Computer-Based, Multimedia training has been a long sought after solution because of its economy, ease of access, and capabilities for wide distribution.

The benefits of CAD internationals AutoCAD training

Equivalent professional Cad courses to can cost up to $1000 per place

New staff need to be trained in the latest software, many just continue to use outdated methods, missing the productivity benefits of the new and improved features.

Well produced eLearning  is just as effective as hands-on training at a fraction of the price.

Once purchased, the eLearning materials are available for future reference.

This course is the product of 20 years experience in teaching CAD at a tertiary level.

This is how students are learning CAD at University

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