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What software uses .CAD files? I Want to convert .CAD files.

What software opens .cad files? How do I convert .cad to .dxf or .dwg?


The .CAD file extension is associated with several programs. RealCAD is the most common modern CAD software that uses the .cad file extension. RealCAD can also open .DXF and .DWG files. You can also convert RealCAD's .CAD files to other formats using RealCAD (so long as the .cad file was created in RealCAD or one of its applications such as RealArchitect, LandworksCAD, TriCAD)

Other .CAD files have also been produced in the past by software such as CadStd, Extracad, Drafix, QuickCAD and Autosketch. Unfortunately these are all proprietry formats and can only be opened and used by each of those respective programs, most of which are no longer available - however you can (for a small fee) have CAD International convert most of these formats for you which is great news.

Most people will want to convert their CadStd, Extracad, Drafix, QuickCAD and Autosketch files to some other format so that they can edit or print them as well as view them. If you have a CAD software already you will need to advise them so they know what format to provide for you, but if you dont have them all you need is a copy or RealCAD. You can use RealCAD free trial download as a viewer to view and print RealCAD .cad files.



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