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The term CAD is an acronym for Computer Assisted Design or Computer Aided Drafting. CAD is the precursor to many downstream activities such as CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing), CAE (Computer Assisted Engineering), BIM (Building Intelligence Modelling), FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and many more. Note that the four letter acronym for Computer Aided Design and Drafting, CADD is used more extensively in Europe than elsewhere.

CAD International are world leading developers and vendors of CAD software, and CAD related products and support services, focusing on providing leading edge solutions to a broad base of design related clientele.

CAD International source and develop CAD software applications to meet the needs of industries as diverse as Landscaping, Architecture, Mechanical Design, Structural Drafting, Product Design and General Drafting as well as individual corporate needs in fields such as shipping, construction, manufacturing, storage, space management, power supply, mining, transport, jewelry design and telecommunications among just a few.

Commencing as the CADD division of a small drafting supply company in Sydney, Australia in 1982, CAD International grew and developed frontier software including the Caddsman and RealCAD product range for major corporations and SME's globally. These products far surpassed existing products in the market and brought intelligent parametric 3D design into areas unexplored by conventional software of the time. In 1992 CAD International began trading as the internet business of CAD Australia Pty Ltd, (a privately owned corporation) trading from sites such as cadinternational.com and cad.com.au, and now operate with associates in all areas of the globe.

"CAD International pioneered features and inventions that are common place in almost all real CAD software now available. CAD applications are utilised by thousands of architects, designers, drafters and manufacturers globally every day."

The expertise of thousands of hours of development and service in the industry allows CAD International to supply products that meet a strict criteria for excellence in performance, ease of use, cost effectiveness and supportability. Partnering globally with distributors and resellers who have similar goals, values and aspirations of integrity, growth and prosperity CAD international create solutions that assist clients to "design better faster funner®"

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